Moodle announces geographical expansion of services with a new Reseller program


Moodle Certified Resellers offer Moodle products and services to support organisations with eLearning, focusing on regions not serviced by Certified Moodle Partners.

Due to the high demand for eLearning services and Moodle-based solutions worldwide, Moodle has launched a new level of membership for their Program of Certified Channels. Members of this program offer edtech solutions based on Moodle products and services at different levels, and all are certified and vetted by Moodle HQ to ensure that the quality of their services and support meets the highest standards.

As of July 2020, the new Moodle Reseller members will join Certified Partners, Certified Premium Partners and Certified Integrations in providing Moodle-based edtech solutions worldwide.

Moodle Resellers: expanding the reach of Moodle services worldwide

The Moodle LMS and other Moodle products are used for eLearning in over 240 countries around the world. To be able to service regions where there are no Certified Moodle Partners available yet, Moodle HQ has launched the new Certified Reseller Program. The new Moodle Resellers will be able to support organisations with some Moodle products and solutions, including Moodle Workplace on MoodleCloud and mobile learning solutions, as well as providing basic support for Moodle administration, training and content development.

So far, members of the Moodle Reseller Program operate in the following areas:

Eastern Europe
Vextur (Lithuania)

Dynamic Pixel (India)
Emergent Concepts (Philipines)

Central America
Insignia (Mexico)
Edupan (Panama)
Academitek (Dominican Republic)
HAR-PER (Dominican Republic)

South America
Buen Data (Colombia)
Telcombas (Ecuador)
Sputnik Soluciones SRL (Bolivia)

ThatsIT (Fiji)

If you need eLearning support or would like to implement Moodle-based edtech solutions, find out how our network of Certified Moodle Services Providers can help you.

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