Tutoom joins Moodle as our newest Certified Integration Partner!

Tutoom’s digital classroom provides all the necessary tools to host interactive real-time classes online. With its integrated whiteboard, file library and collaborative notes, presenters and participants reduce the amount of independent tools required to attend a class and take advantage of online learning. 

The digital classroom can be used on any device without the need for an app and is optimised for low mobile data usage. At Moodle, we believe that free and open access to education is fundamental to creating a more equitable world. Tutoom makes eLearning accessible so that everyone can pursue a quality education regardless of location. 

Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle, said: “We are very glad to welcome our second Certified Integration Partner in the field of Virtual Classrooms, as this is a central functionality in most education scenarios and Tutoom has a new very fresh approach to this concept. We believe in offering our users the choice of tools that fit within Moodle’s open source ecosystem, and Tutoom’s addition is a wonderful proof of that.”

Learn online with all the tools you need

Tutoom’s digital classroom tools make teaching participative, and collaborative. The digital classroom facilitates live sessions with all of the essential tools you need. The easy-to-use digital whiteboard allows you to illustrate key learnings in an engaging way. With the Tutoom library, you can upload, share and present files without needing to share the screen. Using the playback feature, students can rewatch classes and catch up at anytime. 

There are also tools to encourage student participation, creating an interactive and memorable experience for participants to use their newly acquired knowledge. The polls tool lets you make simple quizzes or votes during the presentation, letting every student participate in the lesson. Additionally, the breakout rooms tool allows you to easily group your participants in rooms for brainstorming and group work. 

Jesus Valdivia, Tutoom Co-founder and CEO, said “Technology is a very important pillar in the evolution of education. It acts as a channel to spread knowledge to each and every civilisation and culture, anywhere in the world. The pandemic showed the difficulties that can arise in access to technology, especially if we talk about education. Tutoom solves the biggest challenges in long-distance education. Through our integration with Moodle, we’ll take the next step to offer the best experience in virtual education.”

To Learn more about Tutoom visit their Partner Profile and download or install the Tutoom Moodle plugin here.

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