Moodle development, GDPR, networking & creatives uses feature for 3 days of #MootIEUK18

March 29, 2018

One of our longest running and much loved MoodleMoots – #MootIEUK – hit Glasgow recently, from Monday 26 March – Wednesday 28 March.

Over 300 Moodlers descended from all corners of Europe, Australia and beyond to spend three days to learn, discover, network and collaborate on enhancing Moodle and education technology.

This year’s #MootIEUK18 focussed on these key topics:

  • Moodle development in terms of performance enhancements, Moodle in the clouds, modernisation of the UI/UX, Moodle Mobile and more;
  • GDPR compliance for your Moodle sites;
  • Education in Moodle & open education resources;
  • How Moodle can and is being used in unusual, creative and advanced ways throughout the country (and beyond).

So let’s do some brief highlights of what happened in the 3 days that were #MootIEUK18!

Day 1 – Moodlers descended on Glasgow

Monday 26 March saw Moodlers arriving at the University of Strathclyde, eager to start a Moot journey.

First day kicked off with a keynote address by our chief Moodler, Martin Dougiamas, providing an update on new Moodle projects, goals and key focus as we continue to advance our mission of empowering educators to improve our world.

You will be able to view Martin’s presentation shortly on our Moodle YouTube Channel so watch this space.

There’s no rest for eager learners as we then dived deep into Moodle presentations. We had over 18 presentations on Moodle development, success stories, GDPR and more from morning until afternoon.

Here are some of them:

  • A tool for low friction student engagement presented by Mark Andrews and Neil Stapleton (University of Cambridge)
  • If this then what? presented by Richard Oelmann (University of Gloucestershire)
  • Using Moodle to create a one-stop-shop for faculty presented by Allison McKay (Hibernia College)
  • ‘‘Add more stuff, but make it simpler’: tackling the Moodle UX needs of a large university presented by Andrew Stowell (London South Bank University)
  • Creating patient impact: the challenge of providing content for 92,000 health professionals presented by Dr. Dirk Pilat and Damian Bardiger (Royal College of General Practioners)
  • Balancing student and institutional requirements using Moodle presented by Raihanah Begum, Sharon Monie and Dr. Tim Hunt (The Open University)
  • If only Moodle supported Learning Objectives! Presented by Ken Currie (Opus Learning)
  • Training and assessment in radiology – integrating Moodle and Storyline presented by Nicola Fern (The Christie School of Oncology).

You can view the full list on our website.

Day 1 quickly passes when you are learning a lot, and we closed the day with an update on Moodle & GDPR. You can view the slides for the presentation now.

No Moot ever ends without some networking and an opportunity to catch colleagues, peers and new found Moodle friends!

Moodlers were treated to a reception drink by the Lord Provost to end the first day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018.

Day 2 – We learn and learn more!

Learning, collaborating, sharing ideas can be the middle words for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018.

After a full day of presentations, Moodlers came back on the second day to even more presentations…15 presentation to be exact!

But first, the day started with asking…what do you want to see in Moodle? Led by our chief Moodler!

In case you missed it, you can now view the list collected by Moodlers at #MootIEUK18:

This gave fuel for Moodlers to find out more about Moodle development and uses in real life through some of the following presentations:

  • Automated and Peer assessment:Let the students do some marking presented by Marcus Green (Titus Learning)
  • Moodle global search: now’s a great time to jump in presented by Sam Marshall (The Open University)
  • Adding Accessibility Tools with Moodle’s User Preferences presented by Alex Walker (University of Glasgow)
  • Rapid Moodle course design with ABC workshops presented by Jessica Gramp and Dr. Clive Young (University College London)
  • Handling Video submission with Moodle presented by Dr Mark Glynn, Patrick Doyle, Keith Hickey and Ian Spillane (Dublin City University)
  • How to build an enterprise level Moodle system presented by Iain Todd (Universtiy of Strathclyde)
  • The use of Moodle in teaching and learning at different levels presented by Eman Rashwan (Aga Khan University)
  • 7 minutes, 7 giveaways presented by Dr. Mark Glynn (Dublin City University) – PICO

Throughout the first two days of the Moot, Moodlers had also been adding questions for a Dr Moodle panel in the afternoon.

Questions around GDPR, Moodle development, features, Moodle Mobile, learning analytics were all answered by our panel of Moodle HQ and Moodle Partners on stage.

Finishing off the day and leading the way for the last day of the Moot, were our very own Doug Belshaw (Project MoodleNet) and Mary Cooch (Learn Moodle). Both Doug and Mary provided an introduction that would open up workshops on day 3.

And true to Moodlemoot style, we finish the Moot with networking and spending time with colleagues, friends and Moodlers.

Day 3 – we end it all in style

Last day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018 were still about learning!!

Workshops dominated the day and we started off with more information and sessions on Learn Moodle and Collaborative Learning, Gamification and Project MoodleNet.

Cupcakes were aplenty waiting for those to help us with Project MoodleNet.

Meanwhile our own Gavin Henrick worked on showcasing how to apply gamification techniques to course design in Moodle.

More workshops filled out day 3, including:

  • Titus Learning: Moodle skills mini workshop on Assessment
  • DCU: Moodle skills mini workshop on Blended Learning
  • DevJam (led by our own Bas Brand)
  • Learning Analytics
  • Moodle Mobile
  • Accessibility

A full day of workshops made the last day of the Moot go very fast and before we know it, we said thank you to all supporters and those who made #MootIEUK18 a possibility.

Next stop, to reward ourselves for three days of learning and because we believe in the importance of networking and our Moodle friendships, we headed out to the Corinthians Club who hosted our Moodle Party!

That day and the next morning, we saw a sad farewell to Moodlers from #MootIEUK18.

Another major catch up, another learning opportunity, another collaboration with friends, colleagues and peers over for one more year.

We look forward to next year’s MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2019 – stay tuned for where and when and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out when presentations will be up on our website and videos on our YouTube channel.

A massive thank you to all our #MootiEUK18 supporters. Make sure you visit them and show some love for making sure we have another successful event: