Moodle Founder and CEO is a finalist for the Australian of the Year Award 2017

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Since 1960, Australia has celebrated the accomplishments and contributions of eminent citizens through the Australian of the Year Awards.

The Awards provides all Australians with the opportunity to recognise someone who makes them proud in four categories:

  • Australian of the Year
  • Senior Australian of the Year (those aged 65 years or over)
  • Young Australian of the Year (ages 16 to 30)
  • Australia’s Local Hero

In recognition of his contribution to online education, Moodle CEO and Founder, Dr Martin Dougiamas, was firstly nominated and is now a finalist for the Australian of the Year Award 2017.

Dr Dougiamas was selected from over 1000 nominees to join the group of elite finalists, all of whom were chosen due to their ability to shape their nation and inspire others.

The Awards operates at two levels – state/territory and national.

State and territory selection committees select four finalists for each award category, with one of these finalists becoming the state/territory award recipient.

State/territory award recipients then become the national finalists for the awards. The National Australia Day Council Board select the Australians of the Year from the group of 32 State and Territory recipients. Follow the links for more information on the selection criteria and how recipients are chosen.

As you might know, Moodle was ‘born’ in 2001 and is still today managed in its birth city, Perth, Western Australia. Dr Dougiamas is a Western Australian finalist for the Awards.

The WA Australian of the Year winners will be announced on Sunday, 20 November 2016, at Government House in Perth and they will join the national finalists in Canberra on 25 January 2017.

Read the full press release and find out more about the Awards, including entry profiles of Dr Dougiamas  and other finalists here.

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