Moodle’s GDPR approach and plan

Here we outline Moodle’s approach and plan for the implementation of support for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our work to date Earlier this year we reached out to the community through our forums and social media to gauge the needs of different organisations on how they would need to comply with GDPR. We received direct input from a number of Moodle institutions, our Moodle Partner network and developers. During the summer (northern hemisphere) we put together an initial plan on what developments are needed to enable organisations using Moodle to comply with GDPR and then sought more feedback. In the last few months we have processed this feedback. We have also engaged a specialist lawyer from Europe on a consultancy basis who has a strong background in data protection and data privacy to examine the specifications and make recommendations on where they can be improved to better enable organisations to be GDPR compliant. We now have a plan to meet those needs and are scheduling the development within our Open Source team under the lead of Sander Bangma, our new Open Source coordinator. The Plan We have a set of features now in development which will meet … Continue reading Moodle’s GDPR approach and plan