Moodle goals help us advance the mission of empowering educators to improve our world

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If you have recently been to one of our longest established events, Moot Canada in Toronto (21 – 24 February), or to Moot Germany in Kassel just gone (12 – 15 March), then you would have seen our chief Moodler, (Founder and CEO), Martin Dougiamas, provide a keynote address.

Martin’s keynote on “Empowering Educators” focuses on how we at Moodle HQ, together with our amazing global community and supportive Moodle Partner network around the world, are advancing the mission of: empowering educators to improve our world.

In previous Moots, Martin has shared Moodle HQ’s work and development focuses, now accelerated and supported through our investment partnership with Education For The Many.

We’ve shared and talked about:

So what’s new in Martin’s keynote address for Moots in 2018?

More updates on where we are up to, what’s coming up in Moodle 3.5 major release, where are we up to with all the above mentioned projects and….a reveal of Moodle’s social, cultural, product and commercial goals!

Our goals were recently developed through a series of workshops and activities. Our big goals are exactly that…big!

But with the dedication of many Moodlers at HQ and around the world we are looking forward to making Moodle, our open source project and platform, even more amazing so that we can make quality education a basic human right.

So what are these big goals?

If you are attending the upcoming MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2018 or other Moots happening around the world this year, you might be able to catch Martin speak about it in person.

But, if you are not able to attend one, we don’t want you to miss out or even wait too long to be in the know!

We are sharing them here, along with our actions, to date, on how to achieve these goals in the everyday work we do.

So, here we go!

1. Social goal: Improve quality of teaching practice

We are going to do this through making our new Learn Moodle curriculum worldwide and multilingual via multiple modes.

We are also going to make our Learn Moodle a complete curriculum to learn to teach online (even for inclusion in University curriculums), with a certification element.

2. Social goal: Improve our reach worldwide

You might have heard about our plans for a Moodle Foundation last year, a non-profit arm of Moodle to launched in the EU in 2018.

This Foundation will be focussed on research driving open source and making education and its resources more accessible to everyone!

Through the Foundation, we will work towards:

  • Developing funding opportunities
  • Conducting research partnerships
  • Integration with other Open initiatives
  • Stimulating research, for example, through scholarships

3. Cultural goal: Be a great place to work

We have over 55 team members working in over 20 locations worldwide, working towards advancing our mission. We want to make sure our team members are inspired to innovate, creative and challenging in their work through a number of internal initiatives.

4. Cultural goal: Have great connections with our community

Through our Moodle Users Association we are working together to listen to what you, our community members, want to see in Moodle core.

We are also working to make Project MoodleNet happen – a well designed social media platform for educators where we support creation and sharing of content and services. To be build on the principles of open, safe, private, ethical, transparent and connected, MoodleNet is a space for all us Moodlers and our community to grow, innovate, share and empower.

5. Product goal: Ensure Moodle is always feature competitive and
6. Product goal: Improve all our products and services

We’ve talked a lot about a focus on usability for our Moodle platform, allowing for seamless consistency across all devices so that educators and learners become active participant in learning.

Moodle 3.4 features focussed on usability and Moodle 3.5 onwards development work will focus on increasingly simple user experience and design, with better integrations, especially open ones, such as:

  • Open standards
  • Open systems
  • Open content
  • GDPR

We will also continue to work on many of our products with the above principles in mind:

7. Commercial goal: Become sustainable at a high level and
8. Commercial goal: Improve how we sell products and services

By strengthening our Partnerships programs (with our Moodle Partners and Integration Partners), connecting Moodle users with good services and managing large projects we are working towards achieving these two commercial goals.

There you have them Moodlers….our goals guiding our work and project so that we can actively advance our mission of empowering educators to improve our world.

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