Moodle helps foster organisational learning culture at an insurance company

January 25, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

With a fully customised and bespoke Moodle solution to their business needs, insurance company MGS now structures training content for different user profiles, increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

MGS Seguros y Reaseguros S.A. (MGS) is a Spanish insurance company with over a hundred years of history and a presence throughout the country. The company operates within a highly regulated sector and, besides its own employees, it has a group of external partners who are key to the success of its business – namely, its brokers.


MGS had an existing training platform and model in place. However, they were experiencing issues like low engagement, inability to measure knowledge transfer and the lack of a centralised corporate learning environment. 

To improve the learning culture in the organisation and the perception of training within employees, MGS took on the challenge of adopting a new training model, supported by a virtual campus, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Adapt to continuous change
  • Undertake a process of digital transformation
  • Set themselves apart from competitors
  • Meet regulatory requirements and compliance 
  • Foster a culture of learning among employees


MGS Seguros put their trust in Certified Moodle Partner IThinkUPC, with over 20 years’ experience implementing Moodle-based online training solutions for important and demanding clients in the insurance sector, such as Zurich, Generali, Agrupació (Crédit Mutuel) and Mutua de Propietarios.

Working closely with their client’s Training and Marketing Unit and IT support, IThinkUPC set out to fully understand the specific needs and characteristics of MGS’s business. Combining their expertise of eLearning with their knowledge of this heavily-regulated sector, IThinkUPC designed a 2-stage process:

  • In the first stage, IThinkUPC integrated a virtual Moodle-based campus with the company directory, so company employees could access it in a straightforward, secure way using corporate credentials
  • In the second stage, when the campus became more established, brokers were also given access to the platform, with the necessary adaptations to the virtual campus to offer separate content for the two groups of users: employees and brokers.


Leveraging the flexibility of Moodle and its vast options to configure and customise it, MGS received a completely bespoke solution to their needs in terms of functionality, structure and branding, offered through a high-performance, high-availability cloud service from IThinkUPC’s own data centre, meeting full GDPR requirements.

Moreover, Certified Moodle Partner IThinkUPC worked with MGS on their training content and devised and implemented mechanisms in their Moodle site to increase engagement in training. 

This enabled MGS Seguros to finally have an innovative corporate training model to match their business goals.

“With the MGS Campus e-learning platform, we’ve gained in efficiency and quality thanks to an environment that allows us to structure training content for different user profiles. The new system has greatly improved the user experience with a solution that’s easy to integrate into the corporate work environment”. David Elías, Head of Training and Marketing at MGS Seguros.


With their new training platform and model, MGS has made a huge leap forward with how employees rate the learning experience in the workplace. 

This is clearly reflected in extremely high acceptance rates for the new virtual training platform implemented by IThinkUPC, as you can see in the graphic below.

Plus, the possibility of training not just employees, but key stakeholders enables the company to convey their values, culture and strategic directions to all key actors in its business.



Rate their first access experience as satisfactory or very satisfactory



Rate the graphic design as satisfactory or very satisfactory



Describe the Campus as very innovative



Believe the Campus will result in very significant improvements to internal training



Rate their first access experience as satisfactory or very satisfactory