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Join our series of monthly webinars and learn how to implement learning analytics in your organisation to predict learner success

Moodle Learning Analytics leverages machine learning to make predictions about future learning success based on students’ past activity. By measuring, collecting and analysing data like cognitive engagement statistics (what content a student has viewed, submitted, or revised), or social engagement statistics (what activities has the student participated in, how has the learner participated in discussions…) we can understand and optimise learning, as well as predict at-risk students and student success.
With the latest version of our Moodle LMS, 3.8, you can now have more control over the implementation of Moodle Learning Analytics. For example, you can apply analysis and predictions to specific courses, categories and teachers instead of site-wide. You can also move model processing to a separate server, so that it doesn’t impact the performance of your Moodle site.
We help you get started
If you have considered implementing Moodle Learning Analytics in your organisation, but were unsure how to start, now is the time! Starting on January 28, join a series of monthly webinars on the fourth Tuesday of each month. With the guidance of our Research Analyst Elizabeth Dalton, you’ll learn how to implement an inclusive, community-based Moodle Learning Analytics project through a series of steps:

  • Establishing community goals for learning analytics
  • Setting up a small test server and training a simple model
  • Training and testing a model on a replication of a production site
  • Implementing a limited pilot on a production site
  • Evaluating the results of a pilot, including a community review
  • Rolling out Moodle Learning Analytics across a production site
  • Maintaining a Learning Analytics program

Each monthly session will overview a specific topic, take questions from participants, and provide an opportunity to share experiences with Moodle Learning Analytics. All sessions will be recorded and will be available for future reference.
While these sessions are primarily aimed at Moodle system administrators and site-wide managers who can enable learning analytics, we welcome all participants interested in these topics.
The first webinar is on January 28 at 14:00 UTC.
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