Moodle Mobile 3.4 has landed with increased support for better user experience

November 30, 2017 By

We are pleased to announce that Moodle Mobile 3.4 has been released and the latest version of the app is now available at the Google Play, in a few days time, from the Apple App and Windows Store (for Moodle Desktop).

Branded Moodle Mobile Apps will also be updated a few days to the latest app version.

Juan Leyva, Moodle Mobile Team Leader commented: “Similar to the latest Moodle 3.4 web version, our new mobile release focuses on improved usability, demonstrated through increased support for a number of activities and actions that aim to deliver better user experience.”

“We at Moodle HQ are continuing to improve the web to mobile experience, making it more seamless, and this will be further enhanced when we release Moodle Mobile 3.5 with a new look and feel in May 2018,” said Juan.

New features and improvements to Moodle Mobile 3.4 include:

  • 100% student support for the workshop activity
    • In Moodle Mobile 3.4 there is now 100% student support for workshop, so that workshop can be completed using the app.
    • With Moodle Mobile 3.4 all standard activities are now 100% supported for students, so that they can access all of their study directly on their mobile devices.
    • The next focus is to provide support for plugins
  • The ability to take payments & sign up for Moodle courses through PayPal support
    • PayPal support in Moodle Mobile 3.4 means that your users can sign up for courses and purchase them straight from their mobile devices, making it even easier and faster to access anything in Moodle, anywhere!
  • Support to do more on your Moodle Mobile app
    • Moodle Mobile 3.4 now comes with support for:
      • forgotten passwords: with instructions to reset emailed directly to your nominated email address;
      • restricted Vimeo videos functionality; so that you can set privacy conditions so that only certain people can watch them;
      • iPhone and iPad file management; making file sharing and uploading better.

As mobile learning continues to be on the rise, we at Moodle HQ have also worked on giving all our Moodle users faster and easier access to the Moodle Mobile app!

In the web version of Moodle 3.4, we have implemented a number of features that support administrators to encourage users to download and use the Moodle Mobile app (when enabled).

These features include:

  • Giving users the opportunity to download the Moodle Mobile app via a link that appears on their profiles
  • Footer and profile page links to download the mobile app can be redirected to an organisation’s custom or
  • Branded Moodle Mobile App download page

Juan advised all Moodle Mobile users that most of the new features and improvements outlined above will only be available in the Moodle Mobile 3.4 app.

Organisations can also access all of these latest functionalities and stability of Moodle Mobile combined with their own custom branding through the Branded Moodle Mobile App.

“The Branded Moodle Mobile App has been a popular choice for organisations who use Moodle and make their courses available on the mobile and desktop app but would like to add their own personalised branding,” said Juan.

“It is also a hassle-free solution because the Branded App is fully supported and maintained by Moodle.”

More information on the Branded Moodle Mobile App can be accessed via our website or by contacting your local Moodle Partner.

Moodlers, we hope that you continue to enjoy all the new features and improvements that Moodle Mobile 3.4 brings!

There are more exciting things coming up as we continue our innovation with mobile learning so stay tuned and keep up to date through our social channel or Moodle Mobile forum discussions.

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