We’re excited to announce that MoodleMoot Nederland and Vlaanderen (NLVL), the MoodleMoot for our Dutch speaking community, is returning. This community-driven event will be hosted by certified Moodle Partner Avetica B.V.  and will be held at the Hotel Van der Valk, Dordrecht on 14 February 2023.

Avetica B.V. is a Moodle Certified Partner in the Netherlands. Avetica has been providing Moodle services since 2003 and services a diverse range of clients including business, healthcare providers and not-for-profit organisations.

The main goal of this MoodleMoot is to share knowledge and experiences using Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace to create quality learning environments.

The Avetica team reached out to the Dutch-speaking community for ideas and contributions to this MoodleMoot, and they’ve provided a wealth of input and expertise.

“It’s great to see the Dutch-speaking community wanting to share knowledge about Moodle and in particular its didactical use. Because Moodle remains a fantastic and flexible tool for (online) learning. By organising this MoodleMoot and our Moodle blog, we want to support the sharing of knowledge about Moodle,” shared Arnout Vree, Director and Founder of Avetica.

Some of the Moot highlights:

Wilfred Rubens, an independent consultant on technology-enhanced learning, will provide a keynote speech at the event. For more than 12 years, Wilfred has blogged about learning and information and communications technology, sharing his knowledge and experience with thousands of readers around the world. In June 2013, he published a book on eLearning trends in Dutch, and in his keynote, Wilfred will talk about his experience with implementations of LMS-en and the lessons he’s learned.

Bas Brands, a Moodle HQ front-end developer, will lead the developer session at MoodleMoot NLVL 2023. Bas has been a contributor to the Moodle LMS project since 2009, and currently works on Moodle themes and the user interface. Besides a passion for programming, design and new technologies, Bas enjoys working with the community to share knowledge about Moodle. The session is titled: “How do you build the frontend of a Moodle plugin?”

The technical track of the MoodleMoot is all about sharing your experiences and knowledge. Participants will have the chance to demo their own projects or present problems to the group. Bas will give an interactive workshop on analysing UX designs, and building the frontend of a plugin. Furthermore, there will be plenty of room for discussion, expressing your own input on Moodle related topics and getting to know your fellow Moodle developers.

The chair of the day is Nienke Verhoeven, a learning and development expert that’s been a trainer since 2001. Nienke is also a published author, with a book entitled “Acquisitie op zak”, a pocket guide to acquisition. 

Register for the MoodleMoot NLVL here: https://avetica.nl/moodlemoot/