Extend your Moodle site with the help of our plugin reviews

Did you know there are over 1400 Moodle plugins available on the moodle.org directory?

Moodle plugins can be used to enhance and extend your Moodle sites!

But with over 1400 plugins to choose from, where do you start?

We have rounded up a number and reviewed them to show you how they can enhance your Moodle sites.

Checklist activity plugin

Help your students stay on track by using the checklist activity plugin! Administrators can easily install it, allowing teachers to create custom to-do lists for their students.

This plugin also works hand in hand with the checklist block, which allows the teacher to see a student’s progress at a glance using progress bars in the checklist.

We explore them both in our review blog post.

Photo theme plugin

Produced by Moodle HQ’s Damyon Wiese, the photo theme plugin is Boost-based and gives administrators the opportunity to upload several of their own photo background images.

In our plugin review we explain why unique photos in different course areas can bring clarity and variety to a learning journey.

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Quizventure plugin

Quizventure takes your best multiple choice questions and matching answers and morphs them into an entertaining space-invaders style game – complete with retro sound effects!

This plugin is suitable for learners of all ages and may encourage even the most reluctant learners to participate.

Go on a quizventure

Gapfill plugin

By using this plugin you can create quizzes with gap fill questions in minutes!

Once the plugin has been installed by an admin, teachers are able to create questions where learners must complete missing information through a Moodle quiz.

Fill in the gaps

RecordRTC plugin

Created by our open source friends at Blindside Networks, the RecordRTC plugin lives in Moodle’s text editor and lets you record yourself, either in sound or video and then share the recording with other course participants.
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Corrections plugin

An add-on for the popular Atto text editor, this simple but effective plugin allows teachers to correct learners’ work typed directly into Moodle. The corrections plugin also enables educators to select and specify particular types of errors, with explanatory comments if needed.

Find out more.

The student folder plugin

This plugin lets students share documents with a simple click to upload. It also allows selected assignments to be viewed by everyone.
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Flexible sections course format plugin

Organise courses by adding activity links inside course sections using the flexible sections course format plugin. With this plugin, learners can open and close the course sections when needed. Teachers also won’t be limited by space so they can add as much content as needed.

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