Moodle plugins are add-ons that you can install to your Moodle LMS platform to extend its functionality or add a new feature. From themes to change the appearance of your Moodle site, to gamified activity modules, certificate generators or tools to keep attendance logs, the Moodle plugins database has over 1,900 open source plugins developed and maintained by the Moodle community.

Keeping plugins updated

With every Moodle LMS release, plugin developers and maintainers have to update their plugins so that they’re compatible with the latest version of Moodle. Those who have their plugins ready for the new version on the date of the release, get an Early Bird badge.

With Moodle 4.0’s substantial user experience improvement and the big changes in navigation, plugin developers have had to update their plugins and intensively test them to ensure that they worked correctly. The Moodle community got to work: by April 18, 2022, 264 plugins were ready for the release of Moodle 4.0 and received the Early Bird badge, as our Senior Analyst Developer in Moodle LMS David Mudrák announced on the Moodle community site.

A green badge with the text

At the time we wrote this blog, on May 11, over 290 plugins in the Database had been upgraded to Moodle 4.0, and the number keeps increasing daily. 

An invaluable, ongoing contribution

Our founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas recently said, “Moodle would not be where it is today without the generous contributions and involvement of our community – developers, users, educators, administrators, partners – and I sincerely thank them for their ongoing contribution”.

Moodle plugin developers contribute to making  Moodle LMS a powerful platform with an add-on for every need, and they also help ensure that, as Moodle LMS grows and advances, all the extra functionality that plugins provide, also grows and advances with it.


Learn all about Moodle 4.0 and check out the Moodle Plugins Database and build the Moodle platform that meets all your teaching and learning needs.