Moodle services strengthen in Cyprus and Greece as WIDE Services achieve Certified Premium Moodle Partner status

November 16, 2020

As a Certified Moodle Partner in Greece since 2013 and in Cyprus since 2017, WIDE Services offer integrated solutions in eLearning for leading organisations, independent teachers, NGO’s and government agencies in both education and in the corporate space.

Known in the Moodle community for their contribution to the first installation of Moodle’s corporate offering, Moodle Workplace, WIDE Services are strong advocates for the delivery of this innovative solution.

Today, Moodle is happy to announce WIDE Services has undergone the comprehensive vetting process of Moodle’s Premium Partner Program, achieving Premium status as a Certified Moodle Partner in Greece and Cyprus.

“WIDE Services are thrilled to become a Certified Premium Moodle Partner. This achievement highlights the many years of dedicated work with our national and international customers. We believe becoming a Certified Premium Partner earns us the greatest level of trust from Moodle and its CEO and Founder, Martin Dougiamas”, states CEO and General Manager Yiannis Arapoglou, WIDE Services.

He continues “We’re proud to belong to Moodle’s innovative partner ecosystem for so many years. We consistently and carefully curate our customers’ needs, trying to exceed their expectations, offering end-to-end and tailor-made solutions. We strongly believe that behind a great product and the Moodle brand is its people and we spread that message across our region”.

“We are extremely happy to promote WIDE Services as a Premium Partner in the Certified Moodle Partner program, and we want to thank them for their commitment to Moodle”,
states José Marcos López-Ríos, EMEA Channel Manager at Moodle.

He adds, “WIDE Services’ deep understanding of Moodle solutions such as Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace, and the Moodle Educator Certification program supports not only the Moodle community in Greece and Cyprus, but it positions the company well for international projects they are leading across Europe”.

Offering local organisations reliable eLearning services
Reflecting on the current status, post Covid-19, Yiannis says the industry has suffered from non-trustworthy and opportunistic eLearning providers, adding to an already risky social climate due to the global pandemic.

“The solid background of the whole Moodle ecosystem and its community puts us in a position to address these issues, offering our region safe and reliable all-in-one solutions, with Moodle Workplace providing our customers with added value. We strongly believe that the healthy digitisation of the learning space safeguards the common good of education, training and social inclusion”, Yiannis concludes.

Delivering sound solutions to various industries & sectors
Moodle’s latest Certified Premium Partner has a strong track record of providing tailored solutions for its clients, notably for CEPOL, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training, a partner of all other national training institutions across Europe.

Their other notable projects include the delivery of Athens International Airport e-Training Academy, which aligned a whole range of business units and its corporate community. WIDE Services’ game-based education solutions helped to create both HR and Retail academies of the Greek Lottery Association O.P.A.P. and its entire business network; in addition, their contribution to Vodafone’s eLearning platform delivered an integrated solution across all its local business units.

About WIDE Services
WIDE Serrvices deliver across a wide range of industries in their region as well as globally. Their solutions serve corporate environments with customers in the retail industry and insurance market; in addition to implementing various projects in all industries and commercial course providers, WIDE Services deliver projects on a national and international scale.

WIDE Services serve their customers as dedicated consultants, building long lasting relationships.

What does the company’s name mean? ‘WIDE Services’ is an acronym for the words Web Innovation, Development and eLearning Services!

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