Moodle Welcomes Vidya Mantra as the Newest Addition to Their Moodle Partner Network

March 14, 2016 By Moodle
Moodle fills the growing need for Moodle services in India by partnering with eLearning company, Vidya Mantra, to serve Moodle clients in the region.

PERTH, Western Australia — Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, today announces Vidya Mantra as a Moodle Partner in India. The Delhi-based eLearning company offer end­-to­-end learning platform solutions including course planning, content development and deployment of entire portals complete with front-end websites and eCommerce.

As a member of the Moodle Partner network, Vidya Mantra will use the Moodle trademarks and provide certified Moodle services and support to customers. Vidya Mantra will also contribute financially to support development of Moodle core.

“It was a pleasure to finally meet Jai and the team at Vidya Mantra in Delhi recently, after many years of knowing them online” said Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle. “They’ve more than proven they can deliver Moodle services and develop new products based on it so we’re excited about working together in the Indian context.”

Jai Gupta, CEO of Vidya Mantra commented “We are honoured to become a Moodle Partner and excited about working closely with Moodle HQ. We are very much looking forward to assisting Moodle users in India and contributing to the Moodle open-source project.”

The Moodle Partner network continues to expand, with Vidya Mantra the fourth company to join the network this year. The Moodle Partner network is comprised of 76 companies offering certified Moodle services, support and training in more than 46 countries worldwide.

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About Vidya Mantra
Since its establishment in 2008, Vidya Mantra have been offering eLearning solutions to customers worldwide. The company’s extensive range of service offerings to include hosting, theme design, software development, training, content creation, integration and consultancy. For more information, visit