MoodleMoot Australia 2018 heads off to sunny Brisbane!

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Moodlers in Australia!!

Did you know that it’s been 10 years since we held a MoodleMoot in sunny Brisbane, Queensland?

Well after Melbourne in 2015, Perth in 2016 and Sydney in 2017, we are heading up the east coast to beautiful Brisbane for MoodleMoot Australia 2018!

We are very pleased to announce that #MootAU18 will be held from 24 – 26 September at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We have a lot of “new” things for this year’s Moot and we are looking forward to sharing them with you briefly in this announcement post, so come with us for a sneak peek of what’s coming up for #MootAU18.

New program, new look!

We have a new program, new look for MoodleMoot Australia 2018!

On day 1 and 2 we at Moodle HQ, our Moodle Partners and community members will be delivering a series of presentations on a range of key topics that we have identified to be of the most interest based on your feedback from last year (read on more below).

Our chief Moodler will also be on stage to deliver his keynote address on day day 1 and Moodle HQ will also provide an update on what’s coming up in our roadmap for our open source learning platform and as a company.

We have also swapped our workshop days to day 3 on 26 September where we will invite you to join us on a learning journey for:

  • Moodle development (dev jam sessions)
  • Learn Moodle curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Moodle in the workplace
  • Moodle in education sector (K-12, VET and Higher Ed)

We will finish our three full days with a Moodle Party at the iconic Fox Hotel, a 5 minutes walk from the Convention Centre. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you at Dandy’s Rooftop
overlooking the beautiful Brisbane skyline.
You can book your spots today for all three days, days 1 and 2 only or just day 3 with our Moodle Party today!

Even better, our early bird registration lets you save more by booking early.

A focus on hot topics!

This year at #MootAU18 we are focussing on four tracks which you have told us you are interested in from last year’s feedback forms!

So get excited to hear about Moodlers presenting how they are:

  • Innovating the way Moodle is used in education
  • Making Moodle work to meet organisational objectives in the workplace
  • Sustaining Moodle sites effectively
  • Developing Moodle creatively to empower more educators to improve our world!

Have you got a story along these four topics or know anyone who is doing wonders with education technology?

We would love to hear about them.

Submit a proposal today on our website and let’s collaborate to make quality education accessible to many using Moodle.

Other things in the pipeline!

There are so many other pieces that we are planning to make MoodleMoot Australia 2018 an exciting conference to attend this year.

Here are just some of the things we can start getting enthusiastic about:
Have ideas on what should feature in Moodle? Tell our chief Moodler during an envisioning session on day 3!

An inspiring keynote address on day 3 is also planned…who is it?? Stay tuned and follow us at @MoodleMootAu to be the first to find out (or join our newsletter).

Dr Moodle is in the house!! Have a question or two or more on Moodle? Get them answered by a panel of Moodle experts on days 1 and 2 of #MootAU18!

Book information sessions with our Moodle experts through our MoodleMoot app! Want to speak to Moodle Partners or Moodle HQ personnel during #MootAU18?? You can do that soon through our app.

You can also check out our draft program outline to get an idea on what we have in store you!

We hope to see you soon at #MootAU18 in Brisbane, 24 – 26 September Moodlers!

Let’s get ready to learn, share, collaborate and be creative together.

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