This year’s UK & Ireland Moot will be a fully online event… with a twist!

February 17, 2020 By Moodle

Contributed by the organisation of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

In the interest and safety of all Moodlers, the 2020 MootIEUK will be switching to a fully virtual event… with a twist. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland will be hosted online from 28-30 Sept, 2020. 

New structure and session formats

Mark Glynn from DCU is back as Master of Ceremonies to help navigate us through the new format and thread together this new reality we all live in.  (His time fighting zombies in hand to hand combat in Virtual Reality has prepared him well).

Recordings: All standard presentations will be pre-recorded as on-demand sessions which will be available for a week before the event and 3 weeks after for participants. 

Live Sessions: There will be three types of sessions: Open Mic sessions, Panel Sessions and Meet the expert sessions. 

  1. Open Mic: A set topic is chosen for the 60-90 minute session. The goal is to create a point of contact for listeners and the speaker. Attendees can also “volunteer in the session” to contribute or share for 3 minutes of their own experience. 
  2. Panel Sessions: 5-6 presenters who have pre-recorded presentations on similar topics will exchange their thoughts and handle real-time questions submitted by attendees during a live session.
  3. Meet the Expert Session: A topic expert answers a combination of pre-submitted questions and real-time follow-up questions from the participants.

Workshops: There will also be 90 minute active training workshops on different topics, with one or two facilitators doing the live sessions. Hope to include topics such as: developer hackfest, UDL, ABC to VLE, Using Quiz, Summative Assessments, Formative Assessments, MEC Module, Course Templates, Accessibility in Course Design, Course Baselines, H5p, Facilitating the Online Classroom.

Regarding the general structure, we will set up special interest groups in Moodle for collaboration, resource sharing, discussions and message groups which people may join as they wish. 

Presentations which will be pre-recorded will be provided with their own “course” in Moodle. 

Each course will contain an abstract, video, slide deck (as ppt), presenter and discussion forum to ask questions/discuss the presentation. 


The date for the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland will remain from the 28th – 30th September 2020. Switching to online was the necessary step to help keep each other safe in these unprecedented times. Because of this change, attendees will receive the following:

  • Each attendee will receive an extra ticket for a colleague to attend and take part as well
  • Each attendee will be receiving a personalized MoodleMoot package in the post, including a Moodlemoot t-shirt, travel mug and other goodies!

If a company has extra tickets which will be unused, they may be distributed to other clients or returned to the batch! 

Virtual Social Events 

The 2020 MootIEUK with a twist will also include live interactive events to draw each day to a close and to encourage networking (and lots of fun!). 

Proposed events include: 

  • A live automated online quiz, which will include round by round prizes
  • An online scavenger hunt (gathering items from your home) with round by round knockout Virtual musical chairs 
  • A good ole moot sing-along, where people can sing a song or play a tune- live or recorded. 


Visit our website for all details about the event, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Similarly, you can find out more about Covid-19 and the current updates on the or WHO website.