Moodlers from around the world continue to get involved during week 2 of Learn Moodle 3.3

July 7, 2017

Time flies when you are having fun they say!

That is certainly the case for our Learn Moodle 3.3 MOOC participants who are more than halfway to finishing their course!

As you might know, Learn Moodle is a free 4 week MOOC, designed, developed and run by the team at Moodle HQ.

The online course gives new users and experienced Moodlers alike the opportunity to improve their skills and gain a better understanding of the Moodle platform.

Last week we shared what participants did during week 1 and how they learnt how to set up a course.

In week 2, titled “Getting Involved,” participants explored more of Moodle’s features and functionalities.

Let’s take a closer at Week 2 of Learn Moodle!

Activity Chooser

Week 2 began with introducing participants to the activity chooser. This is what users see when they turn on the editing function and click ‘Add an activity or resource’.

The activity chooser can be used to add activities or resources to a Moodle course.

Teaching styles may determine what activity or resource educators choose to add to their Moodle course. For example, if an educator takes on a presenter role they will benefit from adding presentations, videos or podcasts. These may be added as resources in the activity chooser.

However, if an educator is a facilitator, they might want to guide students to be engaged in learning and would use Moodle to assess and grade their learners. They then should explore activities in the activity chooser.

How can I help my learners learn?

One of the first tasks during week 2 saw participants asked to read the online Moodle Book: How can I help my learners learn?

The Moodle Book used videos to explain the following Moodle course features in detail:

  • Displaying class documents
  • File picker
  • Adding banners or images
  • File storage
  • Activities chooser
  • Read course materials
  • Sound and video files
  • Forum discussions
  • Voting
  • Glossary
  • Filters
  • Wiki
  • Surveys and feedback

Using this new knowledge, Learn Moodle participants were then instructed to add at least three activities or resources to their practice Moodle course.

Teaching Glossary

Participants were also asked to contribute to the teaching glossary:

teaching glossary

Staying healthy wiki

To gain a better understanding of how wiki pages work, participants had to contribute to a wiki on health tips. They were encouraged to fix a typo, add a tip or improve the wording of an existing tip.

The wiki was available in different languages to accommodate our Learn Moodle users from all over the world.

healthy tips

Peer assessment activity: Workshop

This week participants submitted a short piece of work to a Moodle Workshop – a very powerful and popular peer (and self) assessment tool. During Week 3, participants will be reviewing submissions from others and the activity will be completed with grades at the end of Week 4.

While the workshop activity is a little advanced for beginners to tackle, trying one as a student gives a great insight into the potential of Moodle for empowering learners.


Similar to week 1, participants were encouraged to post in the “Any questions” forum, where other Moodlers and Moodle HQ staff help with advice and answers.

This is where we really see the sharing and supportive spirit of our open source community.

open source community

Learn Moodle Quiz

To conclude the week, Moodlers had to test their new knowledge by taking a quiz, made up of 10 questions in formats such as drag and drop, missing word and multiple choice. Participants were able to attempt the quiz as many times as they needed (or wanted).

What are our participants are saying so far about Learn Moodle 3.3

All our Learn Moodle participants are encouraged to share their experiences, what they have learnt and thoughts on our blog.

See what some Moodlers are saying about our course:

what Moodle users are saying

Moodle users feedback

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