Moodlers Monday: We cross to France to talk to longtime Moodler, Luiggi Sansonetti

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Moodlers, if you have been following us on our social channels, you will know that every Monday we get the opportunity to virtually traverse across our global Moodle community to get to know more of our passionate, helpful and dedicated Moodlers.

Last two weeks, we talked to Sander Bangma, our new open source coordinator at Moodle HQ, and Mary Cooch, our well-known Moodle Fairy and community educator!

Our aim with Moodlers Monday is to introduce to you the wonderful people who help make our open source project stronger and better with their valuable time, effort and knowledge.

This week we head of to France, to Lannion to be precise to talk to long time Moodler, Moodle translator, Moodle Users Association committee member, Particularly Helpful Moodler, and MoodleMoot France planning committee member, Luiggi Sansonetti!

Let’s get to know our Moodler, Luiggi, better in this Moodlers Monday post.

Moodle HQ: Thanks Luiggi for taking the time to chat to us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to be involved with Moodle? When did you start “Moodling?” How did you come across Moodle?

Luiggi: Well, it’s a long love story…I am an educational engineer within the IUT of Lannion, University of Rennes 1. I am an admin, manager and Moodle trainer to teachers. And I am very involved, indeed, in the French Moodle community. The first experience I had with Moodle was when I was a teacher. A computer teacher had put Moodle online to allow teachers to continue providing course contents to their students during the university blockade at the 2006 events. And since then, the system being convenient enough to manage the files and assignments, I’ve continued to use it. After the first classic contact as a teacher, it was really as an administrator that I discovered the potential of Moodle.

In 2011, my mission was to offer the university a new online course platform that would replace 3 different solutions based on Moodle, Claroline and Blackboard. It was naturally towards Moodle that my choice fell, thanks to its incredible community! After that, always wanting to offer more to my teachers, I looked every day on Moodle what I could propose and add. That’s how I contributed to the French-speaking Moodle community.

Moodle HQ: You are involved in so many Moodle activities and committees and events.  What are some of them,  and what do you enjoy most from being involved in those Moodle activities?

Luiggi: Yes, I’m a little bit everywhere at the same time. To resume, my Moodle involvement include:

  • Contributor to French documentation and Plugin translator since 2012,
  • Founder of the “Groupe Informel des Moodleurs Parisiens et franciliens” in 2012 (until 2015),
  • Particularly Helpful Moodler on, since 2013,
  • Learn Moodle MOOC Participant since 2013,
  • Organiser of the 10th French MoodleMoot in Paris in 2014,
  • Committee Member of the Francophone MoodleMoot Association since 2014,
  • Moodle tester for QA Test since 2015,
  • Member of the “Groupe des Moodleurs Bretons” since 2015,
  • Co-organiser of the 1st MOOC Moodle Francophone in 2016,
  • Moodle Certified Course Creator in 2016, Member of the Moodle User Association (MUA) since 2016 and,
  • Committee Member of the Moodle User Association (MUA) for 2017-2018.

I also recently added some comments and suggestion to Project MoodleNet. And, for the French Community, I’m starting a White Paper project about “looking after your own Moodle”. What I enjoy, it’s simply the community power. Everything becomes possible with the support of others, advice from your colleagues, work with your neighbours, the recognition by your peers. And inevitably, when there is recognition and appreciation, there is motivation. That’s what I think.

Moodle HQ: In all the years you have been a Moodler and active member of our community, what are some of your best Moodle moments and memories?

Luiggi: Humm. My 1st Badge and the Martin “God” Dougiamas meeting. My first “best” moment was when I received my first Particularly Helpful Moodler  Badge in 2013. Everything is based on peer recognition, and it was something new for me. That what I do is recognized and appreciated by others, and evaluated… And, of course, when I organised the 10th French MoodleMoot with the presence of Martin Dougiamas. It was a very good and unforgettable moment. Now, it’s always a pleasure to meet together on the French MoodleMoots.

Moodle HQ: What are you most excited about in terms of the future of Moodle and the open source project? What are you looking forward to see in 2018 and beyond?

Luiggi: What excites me for the future is that the Moodle community is still dynamic, and even more so with the MUA and the MoodleNet project. I am always impressed to see passionate people, and I hope to be one! Moodle deserves to receive from its users as much as it offers us in our everyday practices. And as the Beatles said (yes, I’m a big fan): “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.


Thanks Luiggi for taking the time to talk to us today. We really appreciate it.

See you next week for another conversation with a Moodler.

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