Moodle’s dress ups: Themes

While earlier versions of Moodle may look as dated as leg warmers, scrunchies and and high cut leotards, 2.X versions offer a range of themes to customise your Moodle site. Themes provide a graphical and textual skin to throughout the site allowing you to use corporate or school colours and logos. 

HQ developers and community contributors have submitted themes for use, available in the plugins directory at Each directory listing provides detail including the version of Moodle supported, bug trackers, GitHub links and the contributors. Forum discussions are also open to all regarding all themes issues, news and updates.

Mt Orange Moodle demo site highlights the More theme, a standard theme for Moodle 2.7, with a responsive design for optimal viewing experience across various screen sizes. Themes overall aim to provide the best possible UX, with aesthetics and design a key component of the user experience, and an art form of its own. 

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business, but above all…good design must primarily serve people. – Thomas J. Watson

Installing a theme in Moodle is as easy as 8 clicks with documentation and video tutorials available.

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