New MoodleCloud plans for up to 1000 users

November 30, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

We’re increasing the storage for all plans and launching a new Large plan for organisations up to 1,000 users

MoodleCloud is your ready-to-go learning environment, with the best of the Moodle LMS to start teaching and learning online. With solutions that range from 50 to 1000 users, our newly revamped MoodleCloud plans are designed to provide a learning environment for all kinds of organisations – whether it’s for teaching in schools, learning at work or selling online courses.

More users and more file storage

We have increased the storage space for all our existing MoodleCloud plans Starter, Mini, Small and Medium Plans – and have created the new Large plan that can host up to 1,000 users and gives you 5GB of disk space for your files.

Plus, we’re implementing a new user count that will work in our customers’ favour when calculating user quotas. From now on, you’ll be able to suspend users so they don’t count towards your quota, but you’ll still have their data and will be able to run reports on what they’ve previously completed.

The need and demand for online learning solutions has spiked in the past year. With our new MoodleCloud plans our goal is to support all kinds of organisations who need a learning environment that’s quick to set up and super easy and intuitive to manage, no matter if they have 30 or 1000 users.” Lee Goldsworthy, MoodleCloud Product Manager at Moodle HQ.

If you’d like more information about the new plans, check out our
MoodleCloud Plans & Pricing
or Contact MoodleCloud support if you need help choosing the plan that best suits your organisation.


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