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A new capability in Moodle 3.4 means educators can...

We have talked about many improvements to functionalities in Moodle 3.4 that are focussed on increasing usability in our learning […]

Manage your private files better in Moodle 3.4.

The latest Moodle update, Moodle 3.4, has focused on enhancing usability. In keeping with this theme, private files are now […]

Join our Certified Australian Moodle Partner,...

One of our Certified Australian Moodle Partners, eCreators, are hosting workshops designed to assist existing and potential Moodlers with more […]
File Types

Easily specify assignment and workshop submissions...

Moodlers, we are continuing with our showcase of improvements in the Moodle 3.4 new major release. One of the usability […]

Manage and enrol your learning from a single screen...

As mentioned, Moodle 3.4 has focused heavily on enhancing user experience to make sure our users are able to navigate […]
TAFE Illawarra

Supporting our Future Builders through blended...

INTRODUCTION About 82 kilometres from metropolitan Sydney city in Australia, near the coastline of the country, lies Wollongong. The city […]

Experience a faster and more intuitive navigation of...

Continuing with the focus on usability and enhanced user experience in Moodle 3.4, we are pleased to introduce the improved […]

Manage deadlines and events easily with improvements...

Calendar improvements in Moodle 3.4 will assist users to manage their deadlines and events more efficiently than ever before. The […]

Moodle 3.4 has landed with a strong focus on usability

We are pleased to announce that Moodle 3.4 is now available for downloading on our community site at As […]