February 24, 2017

Engage learners by creating a mobile-friendly course.

In a recent article, Moodle Mobile Team Leader, Juan Levya, provided statistics to show that there are increasing numbers of people using mobile devices to access their learning. The growing trend for mobile learning can perhaps be attributed to its […]
February 22, 2017

Moodle’s Checklist Ticks All The Boxes

Are your students ever daunted by the number of tasks they have to complete? Do they worry they might miss deadlines? What’s your solution? If you’re one of those people who advise drawing up lists and ticking off the jobs […]
February 9, 2017

Picture Perfect: The new Photo theme for Moodle 3.2

Since the arrival of the new Boost theme in Moodle 3.2, people who have long complained about Moodle’s interface being ‘clunky’ and 1990s no longer have any argument. Moodle sites can be attractive, responsive, mobile-friendly and, importantly, easily customisable by […]
February 6, 2017

Take centre stage at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland...

We have been talking about MoodleMoots a lot lately! There are many more MoodleMoots being added to our “Find Your Moot” world map on our MoodleMoot website and we, at Moodle HQ, are looking forward to hosting some Moots of […]
January 31, 2017

What’s new with mobile learning and Moodle Mobile...

Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle. If you have a Moodle site, you can also access it on your mobile devices by downloading the app in Google Play or the Apple Store. With the Moodle Mobile app, […]
January 30, 2017

Changing perceptions: Reflection on the final week of...

It’s a wrap! The first Learn Moodle MOOC of 2017 and our sixth run of the course concluded last weekend. Moodle HQ presented many participants with completion certificates and also saw a lot of positive feedback showing the enjoyment and […]