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February 22, 2018 By

What’s your Monday routine?

Do you dive straight into exercise to clear away the cobwebs or do you perhaps ease yourself in with a strong coffee and a hearty breakfast?

At Moodle HQ we kick-start our week with a huge dose of inspiration with our Moodlers Monday posts!

Each week we share stories of prominent members in the Moodle community and superstars from Moodle HQ. We call this Moodlers Monday.

Our aim is to share with our global community the work of our fellow Moodlers and be inspired by the many ways to get involved with our open source project!

Since beginning Moodlers Monday we have journeyed all over the world and spoken with Moodlers from many walks of life.

Check our their stories:

Are you or do you know of a Moodler who is doing remarkable things to keep our open source project strong?

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