A summary of MoodleMoot UK and Ireland 2017 in London

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It’s been over a week since MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 took over Park Plaza Residence in London, hosting over 300 Moodlers and participants, from 10 – 12 April.

If you were following our @mootieuk Twitter account and searching using our #MootIEUK17 you would have been able to “feel” the energy and community feel of our UK Moodlers at the event.

We won’t attempt to recreate those same feelings via our blog post here. What we will aim to do is provide a quick summary and share some resources that have been made available from participants for your further reading.

So here goes…

Day 1 – 10 April

As mentioned in our MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 line up blog post, day 1 of the Moot was all about Masterclasses and a developer’s hackfest.

Moodlers had the chance throughout the day to attend five of our masterclasses/hackfest on either:

  • Moodle Developer Hackfest
    This developer workshop, led by Moodle HQ’s Dan Poltawski, covered topics such as how recent and upcoming features in Moodle impact plugin and interface development.
  • Learning Analytics Masterclass
    Moodle HQ’s Gavin Henrick led this workshop which took in a variety of perspectives on Learning Analytics and how they work within and outside of Moodle. A further explanation on Moodle’s Project Inspire was also discussed here.
  • Mobile Learning Masterclass
    Moodle Mobile Team Leader, Juan Levya, facilitated this workshop which looked at the following through the mobile lens: Content creation and suitability, Assessment approaches, Communication, Mobile Strategy, Moodle Mobile App and going offline.
  • Assessment Masterclass.
    Dr Mark Glynn, of Dublin City University and our Community Manager, Helen Foster, jointly managed this workshop to tackle some of the key issues around online assessment in courses and had a look at some of the interesting options available and how to implement these approaches for Moodle sites.
  • Online Course Design Masterclass
    This ever popular masterclass was once again run by our Community Educator, Mary Cooch, who, together with participants at the workshop, considered a number of areas and how they are affected by the dynamics of fully online courses (such as MOOCs).

Mary described the first day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 and her masterclass a bit more in this blog post.

Again, if you trawl through our #MootIEUK17 hashtag on Twitter, you can view some of the experiences from Day 1 and also thoughts of the participants, some of which we have shared. We will let their tweets do all the “talking.”

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

We think this GIF really sums up day 1, which also finished with a silent disco, a fun and light relief, as captured here by Michael Hughes and here by Tim Elliss.

Day 2 – 11 April

Presentations, presentations and more presentations dominate the second day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017. An enthusiastic crowd gathered bright and early in London for day 2 of the event, as can be seen from this tweet image:

MoodleMoot UK & IrelandA total of 39 short and pico presentations, one keynote address and one final panel discussion was the agenda for day 2.

A full list of the presentations are still available from our MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 website: moodlemoot.org

The day kicked off with a keynote from Moodle HQ’s Gavin Henrick on what’s been happening and coming up in Moodle, including a review of our Vision and Mission:

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

A surprise guest appearance from our very own Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, also occurred during the keynote.

MoodleMoot UK & IrelandA number of presentations have been generously uploaded onto Slideshare by many Moodlers and here are some you can access for your further reading:


So many more presentation slides have been shared by our many presenters. To view more, simply search for #MootIEUK17 in Twitter.

One of the last session for the day was a panel session, where Moodlers talked about: “Is it time to throw away your desktop and start designing for Mobile first?”

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Then many headed to the Moodle Users Association meeting, talking about the exciting projects ahead and also how to get involved in the development of Moodle for the future.

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Amongst all the presentations and activities we also made sure there were light hearted fun and social activities!

Many Moodlers took a snap with our Moodle character (first introduced in Moodle 3.2 release) –

– and had a virtual chat with Martin all the way from Perth who still had a “presence” in London.

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Day 2 ended with the well-known MoodleMoot Dinner Conference, complete with a relaxing jazz experience to tail off a very busy and full of learning day:

Day 3 – 12 April

The last day of MoodleMoot UK & Ireland dawned on the morning of Wednesday 12 April. Another bright and early morning greeted Moodlers, starting with the Learning Analytics Panel discussion on “Will AI replace teachers?”

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

The panel discussion was very welcomed and many contributed and shared their ideas:
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland
MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Another 36 presentations from our many Moodlers and also sponsors for #MootIEUK17 followed.

Again, you can find a number of the presentation slides shared and here are some more we found through our Twitter trawl:

The day ended with a Moodle Community Closing Plenary where Moodlers had the chance to do a question and answer with members of Moodle HQ.

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

There are so many more things we can write about and share from MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017. We are glad that many Moodlers enjoyed the event, and our Twitter # and feed did “go off” with so much enthusiasm and energy which we love from our Moodle community.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this Moot another successful one!

A special thanks to all our sponsors for their generous and continued support.

We will leave it here with some other blog posts that reflect on the 3 days of the event. Enjoy!

Lewis Carr infographic summary:

MoodleMoot UK & Ireland

Olivia Fox from City, University of London: https://blogs.city.ac.uk/learningatcity/2017/04/13/moodlemoot-2017/#.WP1mDFOGNBx

Daniel Scott: http://danielscott86.blogspot.com.au/2017/04/moodle-moot-ivated-post-reflection.html

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