Taking the Moodle Mobile app to new heights!

January 22, 2016 By Moodle

Moodle Mobile 2.8 is here and with it comes many new capabilities and learning possibilities. You can now download all of your course materials in one go and take your SCORM course with you anywhere, offline. Find out what else is new in MoodleMobile 2.8.

Take your SCORM course at 37,000 feet.

SCORM packages are now supported on the Moodle Mobile app for playing online with a live data connection, or offline when no connection is available. Just download the package within the Moodle Mobile app while you have a connection and you will have access offline, wherever you are. When you are online again, the offline attempt is synchronised back to the Moodle site, either merging it with other incomplete attempts on the site or saving it as a new attempt. This means that you can access your SCORM course when you are at 37,000 feet on a plane!

Take your course on the road.

You can now easily download all the materials for your course for offline use with the Moodle Mobile app. Simply select to download the whole course, a section or just one item at a time to keep an offline copy – so you can access it on the ground, in the air or anywhere where network connectivity is a challenge!

Many thanks to Learning Lab of DanChurchAid via Danish development aid (DANIDA) who contributed to the funding of these developments for Moodle Mobile. The purpose is to help cater for course content access in areas where network connectivity is not always available. For the specific project in question, this development allows Syrian teachers to access learning material on risk education, which they can use to teach children, youth and the community at large about the dangers of mines and unexploded ammunitions. Read more about their work on: https://www.danchurchaid.org/learning-lab/

See the full list of improvements and features in Moodle Mobile 2.8 here.

Download Moodle Mobile here.