Thank you to all our orange fans & Moodlers! #Moodleisorange

From the team at Moodle HQ, we’d like to thank each and every one of our supports of “Moodle is Orange”. Know that your contribution will go to the development of Moodle to enhance the platform as we follow the roadmap and continue to progress. To the Moodle community, your contributions in a million little ways are greatly appreciated. There are various ways to help Moodle including user support, documentation, testing, and code contribution which you can discover here.

Most will attest to the latest release highlighting the user-focused development of Moodle recently, especially within the latest version release of 2.8. This features significant usability advancements for Gradebook, forums, and handy tricks like autosave and subscribe, demonstrating the steady evolution of Moodle. As Moodle HQ looks to organise MoodleMoots in 2015, attendees will have the chance to design and contribute to the future of Moodle, continuing to develop a platform by educators, for educators.

Identifying Moodle as orange with our fundraising campaign allowed us to show how we represent ourselves. Having grown significantly since 2002, when the platform was first launched by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is now a leading software within the LMS market; a free open source product supported by Moodle Partners and the user community. Orange and Moodle are truly unique, while there may be a handful of things that rhyme with us we are bold, confident, warm, creative, playful, and bright.

Moodle is Orange!

While our campaign has reached a conclusion, we remain orange and dedicated to providing the best tool for educators across the globe. You can continue contributions by way of a donation or shopping our official merchandise. If you have any feedback or suggestions for Moodle and our fundraising, please contact us.

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