The new MoodleMoot Benelux 2019 heads to the The Netherlands

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The new conference in the Netherlands focuses on the importance of open source technology in the professional sector and in success stories and case studies on Moodle implementations for institutions like schools, governments or businesses.

Organised by Ned-Moove, the Dutch Moodle Users Association, MoodleMoot Benelux 2019 aims to strengthen the Moodle community in the area, as well as distribute knowledge and experience between users.

Today we speak to Gert Bras, one of the main organisers of this new European MoodleMoot. Gert is a chairman of Ned-Moove, the association that has undertaken the organisation of the first official MoodleMoot in the Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg area.

Moodle HQ: Hello Gert, thank you for spending some time with us today. First of all, what is Ned-Moove and why has its board decided to organise a MoodleMoot in the Benelux region?

Gert: The Ned-Moove is a union of Dutch Moodle users. We bring together people and organizations interested in development, research and teaching practice using the Moodle learning environment. We have decided to organise MoodleMoot Benelux 2019 to provide Moodle professionals and users with a space to network, share good practices and improve their technical and educational skills with the LMS Moodle. 

We also want Ned-Moove to grow and become a point of reference for those looking for Community support and collaboration.

Moodle HQ: What will be the main topic of this first Moodle conference in the Benelux?

Gert: The main theme of MootBNL19 will be ‘Professionalism’. As Moodle is Open Source, many organisations and administrators in Benelux have the perception that this also means ‘amateuristic’ or ‘difficult’. Questions like ‘where is support available’, ‘what is the quality of the support’ and ‘what guarantee is there’ tend to arise in conversations about open source software here.

Many of these questions have been addressed in the past for both open-source and proprietary systems. And the best (proven) way to get these issues solved in a market is to come with a solid training and certification program. MoodleMoot Netherlands is a starting point for this in the area.

Moreover, with the introduction of the MEC-program, Moodle keeps proving that Open Source is more than just ‘free software’ and that there are many professionals out there who are skilled, trained and certified. That is the main reason why the Moot will focus on  Professionalism and therefore also on  MEC.

The second important topic in the conference is ‘user-experience’ and therefore we want to give more information, knowledge and experience by focussing on case-studies. Presentation of cases gives us many examples on how to implement and administer Moodle for organisations. Whether these are school, government of businesses.

Moodle HQ: It looks like there will be many learning opportunities at MootBNL19. What are some of them?

Gert: Delegates will be able to learn about MEC, its content and context in a keynote by Moodle HQ’s Senior Project Manager for Curriculum and Learning, Solange Lalonde. 

There will also be 15 break-out sessions, some private presentations by sponsors and two train wagons (yes, literally train wagons!) full of knowledge: the “Genius Rooms”, one for Moodle Admins and one for ICT support for Moodle.

And finally, there will be a first-time in Europe workshop by Solange on “Learner Collaboration”, one of the modules of the MEC. Educators who participate in this workshop will actually be taking their first steps into the program and will be able to earn a badge if they finish the Module afterwards, with the help of one of the Moodle Partners in the area.

Moodle HQ: This sounds like a great program! What will be the language of the sessions?

Gert: Many of the sessions will be in Dutch, however we will have interpretation to English for all presentations, so that not only Moodlers in the Netherlands but also from other parts of Europe can join us. And all presentations will be available for participants including english subtitles afterwards!

Moodle HQ: Fantastic! How can people register for the event and get involved?

Gert: If you want to submit a presentation, you can email and take part in our program as a presenter. Our presenters will get access to the Moot and will also get a genuine MootBNL19 t-shirt as well as an invitation for an after-party with dinner.

This will be the first original and official MoodleMoot in the Benelux and we trust that we can make it a huge success. And for foreign visitors we have a special program and hosting facilities with discounts like hotel, sightseeing, excursions etc. So feel welcome and register for this #MootBNL19 through our website.

MoodleMoot Benelux 2019

Amersfoort, Netherlands

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