The Royal College of Art Revamps and Streamlines Moodle Platform

The RCA provides students with unrivaled opportunities to deliver art and design projects that transform the world. A small, specialist and research-intensive postgraduate university based in the heart of London, the RCA is a high-performing institution, a radical traditionalist in a fast-paced world.

The RCA’s approach is founded on the premise that art, design, creative thinking, science, engineering and technology must all collaborate to solve today’s global challenges. The RCA employs a cadre of around 1,000 professionals from around the world – spanning professors, researchers, art and design practitioners, advisers and visiting lecturers – to teach and develop students in around 30 academic programmes.

RCA students are exposed to new knowledge in a way that encourages them to experiment. Working across scientific and technical canvases and beyond set boundaries, they seek to solve real-world problems.

Challenges & Goals

A Need for Cutting Edge Technology and Features

The RCA aimed to craft a modern ‘one-stop-shop’ learning solution for its students that housed all of their learning components and additional resources in one central location. Limitations of its current platform included a variety of plugins which required updates and no streamlined SSO (Single Sign On) system. The RCA also required additional components that would benefit its students, but needed integrations to tie these pieces together and bring all of the learning resources and programs they were using into one location. In short, the RCA wanted to completely refresh its site, starting from scratch to craft something new with the help of a provider that would fully-manage its site and provide them with in-depth support services.

“The main issues we had with the existing LMS were that it was not easy to navigate or interact with and we wanted to make the process of updating the system smoother,” said Juli MacArthur, Learning Technologist at the RCA. “A more modern, visual theme and an upgrade of integrations were necessary to meet the increased requirements for accessibility and the demand for more visual systems.”

– Juli MacArthur, Learning Technologist
Royal College of Art

Manual Enrolment and Data Entry


LMS Support

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