Titus Learning partners with the world’s most popular learning platform to provide end to end solutions to education institutions in both the UK & Hong Kong.

September 4, 2017

Today, Moodle welcomes Titus Learning as a Certified Moodle Partner, delivering powerful open source online learning solutions in the UK and Hong Kong.

Moodle’s flexible and cost effective software is the most popular learning management system in education. With the addition of Titus Learning to Moodle’s global partnership and services network, both organisations will work together towards empowering educators to improve our world.

With a belief in the power of technology to enable self directed learning, Titus Learning has been providing custom and advanced e-Learning solutions to education institutions across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Their clients have included UK state schools and colleges, academies, and international school groups with over 40,000 online educators and learners, such as Nord Anglia Education and Dulwich College International.

Seb Francis, Co-founder and Director of Titus Learning, commented that this partnership with Moodle will allow both organisations to continue delivering made-to-measure e-learning experiences in the UK and Hong Kong.

“Since founding Titus, we’ve been working towards certified Moodle partnership as a goal,” said Seb.

“It’s the ultimate sign of your experience and expertise within the community, so to be announced as a Moodle Partner is amazing!

“We already feel like we’ve achieved a lot in terms of the clients we’re working with, the development projects we’ve completed, and the team we’ve built.

“But this is only just the beginning, and we’re very excited for all that’s to come.”

Gavin Henrick, head of the Moodle Partners Team, congratulated and welcomed Titus Learning to Moodle’s global partnership network: “We are pleased to welcome Titus Learning as a Moodle Partner both in UK and Hong Kong.

“Through working closely with the team at Titus Learning, we have recognised their enthusiasm for excellence in teaching and learning through the quality of their work supporting schools in the UK and internationally.”

“Titus Learning’s experience in implementing flexible and tailored e-learning environments will help to advance Moodle’s mission in empowering educators with their services to Moodle users.”

Petra Vanessie
Head of Communications

About Moodle
Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, allows educators to create a private space online filled with tools for collaborative learning. First released in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is now used in every country in the world. Moodle is a key part of operations for leading education institutions such as Open University UK, Monash and Columbia, as well as big organisations such as the United Nations, UK Government and US Defence force.

Moodle’s open source project and development is supported by its global community of users and network of certified Moodle Partners, who offer a range of tailored Moodle services and support.

To join Moodle’s mission to empower educators to improve our world and for more information, visit https://moodle.com.

About Titus Learning
As a Certified Moodle Partner in the UK and Hong Kong, Titus Learning provide smartly tailored e-learning services for schools and colleges around the world.
Founded in 2013, by Seb Francis and Mike Bennett, Titus is the result of their shared desire to provide properly tailored Moodle platforms, connecting teachers, students and parents.

Titus handpick services to address specific Moodle requirements, such as bespoke themes making Moodle effortless to use; integration with other systems to save valuable time; custom development to provide clients with the perfect e-learning fit and Moodle hosting, training and support services.
For more information on Titus Learning please visit: http://www.tituslearning.com/