Transform the Look and Feel of your Moodle site

January 14, 2021 By Júlia Verdaguer

Our open source Moodle LMS enables you to tailor your virtual learning environment to your organisation’s brand and your learners’ needs.

One of the key features of the Moodle LMS is its endless customisation and configuration possibilities, inherent to its open source nature. With the right skills and knowledge from your team or with help from one of our expert Certified Moodle Partners, you can really tailor your Moodle site to your needs: from customised functionality to your own look and feel.

So, how can you customise your Moodle site?

  1. Configure it: create a visually customised and highly functional Moodle site for your organisation with no advanced technical skills required. 
    • Add one of the many available, open-source Moodle Themes
    • Plug & Play: Moodle has over 1,700 plugins that extend the functionality of your Moodle site: from video conferencing tools, to gamification, to certificate creation.
  1. Customise it: Moodle is open source, which means you get full access to its source code. If you have enough technical skills to modify our LMS at code level, you can make your Moodle site look and function in the way that best works for your organisation.

As an example, our Certified Moodle Partner Ed-rom demonstrates how they completely transformed the appearance and user experience of Universidade Aberta’s MOOC platform with an exclusive Moodle theme and some customisations.

Universidade Aberta (UAb) is the only public distance higher education institution in Portugal. With an average of 7,000 students per year, UAb offers higher education courses (bachelor’s, master’s and PhD’s) and lifelong learning, and assumes its fundamental mission to train students who, for various reasons, cannot in their own time, start or pursue traditional classroom university studies. Besides formal education, UAb also offers a series of free MOOCs to make education accessible to more people.

To meet the expectations of a mostly adult audience, with life experience and generally already engaged in a profession, Ed-rom customised and re-designed UAb’s MOOC platform, built on Moodle, with a modern look and feel and enhanced user experience to provide an excellent learning journey for their students and staff.

The result is a learning platform that showcases UAb’s corporate image and brand and has an appealing, present-day look. 


The new UAb MOOC platform is 100% responsive and allows students to have an intuitive experience, to view the contents and navigate easily, irrespective of the device they’re using to access the campus: from the computer monitor, to tablets or smartphones.


Finally, Ed-rom developed a new Course Catalogue module for UAb’s platform, to present their course offering to prospective students in an attractive and informative way and increase the number of sign-ups and enrolments.

Users can filter the courses in the catalogue by several criteria, or use tags to locate topics that are of their interest, and can see each course in more detail before enrolling, including course information and content, calendar, feedback left by other students.


If you need extra help from professionals of Moodle Development and user experience, our Certified Moodle Partners will work closely with you to help you meet your organisation’s learning goals. 

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