Upload media files faster and easier by dragging & dropping directly onto course pages

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In Moodle 3.3 you can now add sound and video files directly to your course page by dragging and dropping in the same way you can already add images.

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This Moodle 3.3 feature gives users the choice of displaying the file as a clickable file source or as a label.

Choosing the label option further improves users accessibility by displaying the media file in the media player, for students to immediately access.

Dropping and dragging media files directly onto the course page is a simple process, as explained in our step by step video guide.

Teachers, all you need to do is turn editing on and then drag the media file to where you would like to display it as part of your course introduction.

Upon “dropping” the file, you will be given the choice of displaying it as a file (which gives students a link to click on), or adding it to the course page as a label (which, in mp3 format, will be displayed in the media player, again for students to access immediately).

add media to your Moodle course

Upload media files faster with the new drag and drop functionality in Moodle 3.3.

Watch our step by step explainer video for the drag and drop media feature.

Drag and drop media

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