Vextur Expands Moodle Certified Partner Network into Lithuania and the Baltic States

Vextur Partnerannoucement

There has been significant focus on education reform in Lithuania and the Baltic states over the last decade and the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the appetite of Lithuanian educational institutions and organisations to embrace online learning as a key infrastructure requirement in meeting the demands of a digital and growing economy.

Founded in 2018, Lithuanian based Vextur has responded to that demand and achieved significant growth as an education technology solution provider and we are pleased to announce their progression from Moodle Reseller to Moodle Certified Partner servicing the Baltic region.

Focussing on the K-12, higher education and corporate sector, Vextur delivers bespoke solutions in best practice Moodle high-performance implementations through in-depth analysis of requirements, alignment to organisational goals and processes, risk assessment and training. 

Paulius Nomgaudas, Vextur CEO and founder says, “Becoming a Certified Moodle Partner is recognition of our achievements and expertise in the e-learning sector. We started from the Moodle Resellers program and through rapid expansion of demand for our services, we have gained extensive exposure to a range of Moodle projects, hostings, customisations and implementations. We now have long-term partnership agreements in place with a number of key clients.”

The Vextur team has wide experience with Moodle integration with customers systems. Starting from users authentication and authorization methods like LDAP, AD, SSO to custom third systems integration, such as BI, HR and etc. Some notable Moodle installations include projects for UAB “Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras“, UAB “Kesko Senukai Lithuania” and ADB “Compensa Vienna Insurance Group“.

“The majority of our clients want fully integrated and customised Moodle solutions. Our clients are from K-12 to big companies and each time we start a project, we need to familiarize with new domains and business processes. For bigger companies it is important to standardise training and create user groups by HR departments structure or other rules,” says Nomgaudas.

Moodle Chief Commercial Officer Juan Lucca says, “We are pleased that Vextur has achieved Moodle Certified Partner status and strongly endorse their capacity to deliver expertise in the ed-tech sector in this growing market. It is great to have representation in Lithuania and the Baltic region more broadly.”

To learn more about Vextur’s services visit their Partner Profile.

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