Week 3 of Learn Moodle MOOC 3.2: Reflections by Moodle’s Community Educator, Mary Cooch

January 23, 2017

How time flies!!

Moodle HQ’s first Learn Moodle MOOC for 2017 started on 2 January.

In the weeks leading up to the MOOC, and the first week in, we had over 4000 participants from around the world sign-up to join us to learn how to use Moodle.

The aim of the 4-week MOOC is to explore many of the different functionalities in Moodle, including how to create quizzes, assignments and much more.

As participants finish the third week of the course and approach the fourth and final week of Learn Moodle MOOC, Mary Cooch, Moodle’s Community Educator, explores the progress participants have made so far.

Mary explains how participants have been tasked with peer assessment as part of a  workshop activity, which includes sharing their practice courses to receive constructive comments from others.

She also highlights the strong community aspect of Learn Moodle MOOC, made clear by members offering support and guidance to one another in the forum discussions.

Details of what participants can expect in their final week of Learn Moodle MOOC are also shared in Mary’s blog.

Find out more about Learn Moodle MOOC on Mary’s blog.

Participants can register to Learn Moodle MOOC anytime. However, new participants will not receive a completion certificate.

If you missed out on this Learn Moodle MOOC, you can still view all of the videos, which have also been translated into many languages thanks to our Moodle community members and Moodle Partners.

For more information or to join learn Moodle please visit: learn.moodle.net.