What we got up to at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2019

May 6, 2019 By Júlia Verdaguer

On April 15-17, Moodle HQ hosted MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2019 in Manchester: an event for the Moodle Community of educators, developers and edtech professionals to get together and share good practices with the open-source learning management system Moodle. The Moot was an opportunity for participants to develop new skills in workshops and discuss how to use technology in the most efficient ways to improve teaching and learning outcomes in educational and organisational training

The first day of MoodleMoot UK and Ireland or #MootIEUK19 was dedicated to hands-on workshops facilitated by Moodle HQ with collaboration from Moodle Partners.

Participants interested in Education could experience Adaptive Learning at the Personalised Learning Workshop and learn how to motivate learners with Gamification, as well as start to build their Moodle Educator Certification by doing one of the modules in the Universal Design for Learning workshop. Open-source developers were able to share development innovations, projects and ideas with peers and Moodle HQ devs at the Devjam.

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Day 2 of #MootIEUK19 started with a keynote by Moodle’s CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas on the future of Education Technology and how open resources and open technology have to play a big role in a sustainable and more equal future. Martin also gave an overview of the new features of the upcoming Moodle 3.7 and announced that the next release will be dedicated to The Open University, who have been contributing to the Moodle Project for many years.

After the morning break, delegates split into several streams of presentations on success stories & usage studies in Education and Moodle Development, and could also get tips and insights on how to extend their Moodle sites from our Moodle Partners and sponsors, followed by presentations on Moodle Design and Functionality and Moodle in the Workplace.

In the afternoon, delegates had the chance to get an update directly from Moodle HQ and ask questions on the latest projects that have been developed: MoodleNet, Moodle Education and Moodle Workplace, and then participated in a Roadmap brainstorm session, making a wishlist of what they would like to see in Moodle Core in the future.

In the evening, the Moodle Party was held in the “Impossible” Manchester pub, where delegates got together to enjoy some music, food & drinks, live entertainment and a lot of networking (and dancing!).

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The final day of the MoodleMoot started with the Dr. Moodle plenary session, a live discussion forum where delegates, Moodle HQ, Moodle Partners and Integration Partners asked and answered questions about Moodle functionality and tips.

This was followed by more presentations on Education, Moodle Development and Functionality and Moodle enhancements, where delegates could hear the latest advancements from peers and Moodle Community members, share projects and inspire and help each other.

After the lunch break, delegates could expand their skills in workshops about Learning Analytics, and mobile-friendly course creation, as well get started with two of the latest Moodle HQ projects: MoodleNet and Moodle Workplace.

MoodleMoot UK and Ireland ended with a plenary closing session where Moodle HQ invited delegates to MoodleMoot Global 2019 and the Open EdTech Global Festival, taking place in Barcelona (Spain) in November 2019, and also announced the location and dates for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2020: April 2020 in Dublin.

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There are more than 15 MoodleMoots taking place annually all over the world. Find your nearest event in our MoodleMoot website.