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Moodle Partners are our global heroes, offering certified Moodle services world-wide such as consulting, installation, support, theme design, training, courseware creation and of course hosting.

Ten percent of any money you pay to a Moodle Partner goes towards the Moodle project, so by choosing a Moodle Partner you are helping Moodle software to evolve.

If you want your company to join our group you should start with a Partner Certification Application.

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Moodle Partners offering Hosting in United States

ClassroomRevolution, LLC

ClassroomRevolution offers a wide range of commercial Moodle services for clients located in North and South America.

ClassroomRevolution utilizes state-of-the-art Moodle hosting facilities that rate among the most reliable because of our use of redundant power suppliers and on-site diesel generators. Our network is fully meshed and redundant with 11 backbone providers.

From our individual Moodle classroom accounts available on CRTeacher.com, up to our dedicated server configurations capable of providing reliable service for up to 20,000 users, we offer flexible and cost-effective Moodle hosting options for everyone.

Elearning Experts

Elearning Experts provides affordable Moodle™ consulting, implementation, hosting, support, development and integrations, themes, training, and instructional design services to clients throughout the world.

Elearning Experts' datasuite is located in Cavern Technologies in Lenexa, KS - just outside of Kansas City. We own our servers and equipment, are highly secure, and are capable of scaling to extremely large installations as required. We have custom backup solutions for clients with highly specified needs.

Leo Learning Inc

LEO is a learning technologies firm with more than 30 years of experience in technology-enabled learning innovation. We bring unrivalled capability to help global organisations move learning to the heart of business strategy and deliver transformational results. Our end-to-end service offering enables us to partner with clients throughout the creation, implementation and maintenance of their learning initiatives.

We partner with Rackspace to deliver secure, scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions. Our range of hosting plans are based on site usage. We can cater for all sites from small, targeted LMS implementations to enterprise-wide LMS solutions for hundreds of thousands of users. We also custom hosting solutions for our larger implementations. All clients have an SLA and all sites have automatic monitoring. If something happens to impact a site's performance, we usually know about it before the customer does, and we issue incident reports to follow up any problems. Our average corporate site services around 10,000 users for medium sized enterprises using virtual servers. Our largest customers have up to half a million users and are hosted on clusters of web servers, database servers and SAN arrays.


A BETTER MOODLE EXPERIENCE FOR ALL Institutions, schools and companies around the world can now provide a better Moodle experience to their teachers, learners, administrators and managers; and with the world’s largest Moodle cloud, provide best-in-class security, reliability and scalability along with a range of other valuable enhancements.

We make it easy to teach and learn online using Moodle, the world's most popular LMS. As a certified partner, we provide an enterprise services platform that limits the time, effort and money typically required to support Moodle on your own so you get the best parts of the software without the headache.


Moonami provides a full range of Moodle services that combine the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform (AWS) with fanatical Moodle support.

Our Moodle Hosting plans give you the flexibility of hosting from a shared server, a dedicated virtual server or a full dedicated server.

Vidya Mantra Corporation

Since 2008 Vidya Mantra is providing solutions around eLearning and have delivered Moodle based solutions in all sectors, all over world. Our primary website is Vidya Mantra but we also have different brands for Moodle Hosting and Moodle Themes.

Email - [email protected]

We offer different solutions based on requirements such as Moodle SaaS, Cloud and on premise hosting. Our managed hosting services includes technical support, migration services, remote backups, monitoring, plugin & themes installation etc. You have flexibility to be billed by number of active users or a fixed fee based on configured system. We accept monthly or annual payments and also offer 30 days trial. Make sure to visit us at KeyToSchool.com

Webanywhere USA

Webanywhere provides a complete range of Moodle services to education, business, public and 3rd sector clients.
Moodle for Education | Moodle for Business
Call us on (312) 588-7284 or Contact Us.

Our servers are backed up, resilient and stable and, have an SLA of 99.5% uptime.