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Moodle Partners are our global heroes, offering certified Moodle services world-wide such as consulting, installation, support, theme design, training, courseware creation and of course hosting.

Ten percent of any money you pay to a Moodle Partner goes towards the Moodle project, so by choosing a Moodle Partner you are helping Moodle software to evolve.

If you want your company to join our group you should start with a Partner Certification Application.

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Moodle Partners offering Integrations in United States

Elearning Experts

Elearning Experts provides affordable Moodle™ consulting, implementation, hosting, support, development and integrations, themes, training, and instructional design services to clients throughout the world. For more information, visit http://elearningexperts.net. Contact: Patti Swift Email: [email protected] Phone: (888) 928-3848.

Elearning Experts partners with a variety of providers of 3rd party systems to integrate with Moodle including Mahara, Google Apps, EnlightenCRM, Course Merchant, WooCommerce, and more. Elearning Experts' development team also adapts existing systems to meet the needs of individual clients.

eThink Education

Formed in 2008, eThink is a rapidly growing and award-winning Certified Moodle Partner providing implementation, integration, management. and cloud-hosting services for the open source LMS Moodle in the Higher Education, K-12 and corporate sectors. For more information, visit www.ethinkeducation.com. Contact: Randy Jones Email: [email protected] Phone: (443) 504.3104​

eThink provides many third-party systems that integrate with Moodle for a variety of functions, as well as offer some eThink created plug-ins designed specifically to meet client needs.

Leo Learning Inc

LEO is a learning technologies firm with more than 30 years of experience in technology-enabled learning innovation. We bring unrivalled capability to help global organisations move learning to the heart of business strategy and deliver transformational results. Our end-to-end service offering enables us to partner with clients throughout the creation, implementation and maintenance of their learning initiatives.

We commonly integrate with HR systems and LDAP/Active Directory for user signup and SSO, usually using web services and occasionally using automated, secure CSV imports. Less frequently, we have worked with CRM systems, intranets, membership websites, ecommerce systems, email marketing systems.


Moodlerooms is an open source learning platform offered by Blackboard, who is the largest Moodle partner globally. It offers services to support Moodle by providing set up and configuration, training, content development, and strategic thought leadership to ensure the best learning platform possible. Using a modern and intuitive interface, Moodlerooms extends the power of Moodle so that institutions, schools, companies, and governments around the world can provide a better Moodle experience to their teachers, learners, administrators, and managers. Moodlerooms also offers a variety of powerful, seamless integrations, such as Blackboard Collaborate for virtual classrooms, Office 365, and many more for an engaging, customized online learning experience.

Leading teaching and learning leading from Blackboard such as Collaborate and Xplor integrate seamlessly with the Moodlerooms service.


Moonami provides a full range of Moodle services that combine the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s world-leading cloud platform (AWS) with fanatical Moodle support.

We specialize in Moodle Integration for industry leading software for Human Resource Management, Content Management, Student Information Systems (SIS), and others such as Mahara, Elluminate, GoToMeeting, and Drupal.

Vidya Mantra Corporation

Since 2008 Vidya Mantra is providing solutions around eLearning and have delivered Moodle based solutions in all sectors, all over world. Our primary website is Vidya Mantra but we also have different brands for Moodle Hosting and Moodle Themes.

Email - [email protected]

We can Integrate Moodle with almost any software, we have been working extensively on integrating Moodle with Wordpress, Drupal, Mahara, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, LDAP/Active Directory systems, Oracle based systems like Peoplesoft & Document Management System like Alfresco.

Webanywhere USA

Webanywhere provides a complete range of Moodle services to education, business, public and 3rd sector clients.
Moodle for Education | Moodle for Business
Call us on (312) 588-7284 or Contact Us.

We've successfully integrated Moodle with a variety of third-party systems, including MIS software, Drupal, e-portfolio tools such as Mahara, Google Apps, and [email protected]