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1’st African Moodle Partner. Since 2006 AOSIS strives to provide the tools for developing a learning attitude, a learning enterprise, and systems for customising e-learning activities to match the needs of the various users of such systems.



We are a certified provider of the Moodle Educator Certificate (MEC).


We have academic experience for more than 15 years and more specifically more than 10 years in the application of information technology in learning. We have been part of a major transformation to e-learning at a leading university and with several of our clients. We determine our client’s needs, develop a work specification with exact costs and like to deliver projects on time and on budget.


We have extensive experience in developing higher educational courseware in different mediums. We can take a client’s curriculum, material and ideas and turn them into smoothly running Moodle courseware.


We have gained in-depth knowledge of the Moodle code base and have provided many customised solutions to our clients. We customise the software to meet the needs of our clients, both in terms of user interface (themes) and functionality.


We usually host as part of a comprehensive support package. Charges for these services are included in annual support agreements. We provide hosting service options for small through very large organisations, with scaling capability to handle any organisational needs.


We can perform Moodle installations on a shared web space, dedicated servers or in-house setups. Depending on the system being used, we can perform the installation remotely, or we can come to your site and work with your in-house team.


We offer both technical and academic advice, support and course administration services to help ensure a smooth Moodle implementation within your organisation.


We provide each hosting client with a unique Moodle theme and can create custom themes upon request.


We provide training to Learners, Tutors / Academic staff and System administrators. Training can be at your premises and will be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

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AOSIS eLearning

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