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維聖資訊主要在亞洲地區提供Moodle專業服務,為各大學校、機關、企業、醫院等提供Moodle技術支援服務,因應客戶需求具有多元化應用模組外,更提供遠距視訊教學系統及影音串流系統之解決方案。TEL: +886-4-36080088,Mail:。

Since 2008, Click-AP is the longest-serving Moodle services provider in Taiwan.

We are committed to providing e-learning solutions for the Higher Education, K-12, government, not-for-profit, hospitals and corporate sectors across Asia Pacific.

We also support video streaming server and video conferences for Distance education(遠距教學) . For more information, visit:




We have a variety of analysis reports, including system reports, course reports, and various analysis charts.
-Activity report
-Insights Report
-Build prediction model
-Inspire Analytics
-Events notifications
-Video “watch time” report



We can help you make right decisions, our consulting typically involves migration, systems planning, localization, instructional process, process flows and design advisory.

Our Moodle experts can advise you on getting your Moodle off the ground or help you solve your Moodle issues and Consultancy Services:
-Full specification design and advice
-Content development advice
-Identify your unique needs and work out how best Moodle can meet them.



We provide various plug-ins and modules for government agencies, schools, enterprises, hospitals, etc. We will give professional advice according to your needs.
-Customization services / plugin
-Analytics report
-Theme customization
-Video Streaming server
-Video Conference server
-Moodle CAM / Desktop Recording
-Moodle Mobile App



Whether you’re hosting your Moodle on-site, or looking for a cloud based solution, we’ll ensure the infrastructure is a perfect fit for your needs.
Click-AP offers different solutions based on requirements such as SaaS, Cloud and on premise hosting:
-GCP – Google Cloud Platform
-AWS – Amazon Web Services
-中華電信 Hicloud
-Enterprise Hosting

Fast, stable and secured Moodle Hosting Packages with no bandwidth limitations:
-Standard Hosting (10GB – 20GB)
-Professional Hosting (10GB – 100GB)
-School/Enterprise Hosting ( 500GB)



Click-AP offers several types of cost-effective Moodle Installation services:
-Installation onsite
-Remotely installation
-Installation in the cloud
-Microsoft Azure
-Amazon Web Services
-Google Cloud Platform



We successfully integrated the School Information System, Human Resources Management System, streaming server, video conference system and SSO, etc.
-Streaming Video server
-BigBlueButton system
-Full-text search engine



We offer a full suite of Moodle services from front-end consulting through custom feature development to manage hosting, including migration to and deployment in cloud infrastructure.

Click-AP offers the full range of Moodle services: hosting, support, training, consultancy, installation, development, themes, user experience and integration.



We will design themes based on your platform attributes and trademarks.
-RWD design.
-Integreate CIS
-Unique theme
-Moodle Branding
-Moodle Mobile App



With many years of experience, Click-AP’s an experienced team that will work with your administrator to provide personal and specialized training, include:
-End User
-Course Creator
-Developer (Plugin develop)

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