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At EDUdigital we are aware that in order to guarantee a high quality learning & development you need a tailor-made solution. The most flexible and customizable Moodle platforms in the Portuguese speaking markets.



Depending on the client’s requirements, EDUdigital offers regular data reporting on a client’s Moodle usage, by utilizing the built in tools provided by Moodle, or by developing extra fields and functions to keep track of necessary data.


We can help you accomplish what you need and want to achieve with your Moodle implementation. With experienced business analysts and Moodle administrators, teacher and users on staff, EDUdigital can offer top-quality requirement analysis, implementation and documentation services.


EDUdigital have been supplying Moodle LMS solutions to organisations in Europe and Africa since 2012, with thousands of hours dedicated to train students, workers and administrators in proper Moodle management and administration. Both in classroom training sessions and eLearning courses.


If you wish to include any new features, we develop for you in core Moodle – we can make that happen. The EDUdigital team are trusted partners and developers within the Moodle community, and we have the expertise and experience to write customised code or help build a new feature.


EDUdigital offers fully managed hosting for organisations of all sizes, from schools to universities, from SMEs to multinational companies, from public sector to non-profit organizations. With around-the-clock monitoring, proactive security measures and scheduled backups, we offer a safe and stable hosting environment for your Moodle LMS.


We can install your Moodle LMS and ensure it is running at its very best. With experience in large, high-performance installations of Moodle, EDUdigital can help you provide a stable and scalable Learning Management System for your organisation.


We currently integrate Moodle installations with a variety of external services, ranging from SAP or any other ERP, to custom built Student Management Systems.


We’ve implemented Moodle with a large variety of organisations, so we know the dos and don’ts of eLearning implementations. We can help you review where you are and decide where you need to go.


Theme customization and branding is a must in many organizations, both in academic and corporate sectors. EDUdigital is able to adapt current moodle themes, develop new functions to these existing themes, or create a new theme from scratch, depending on the requirements of the implementation.


EDUdigital has experienced trainers available to create custom training programmes for administrators and training staff to help you get the most out of your Moodle platform.

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