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Formed in 2008, eThink is a rapidly growing and award-winning Certified Moodle Partner providing implementation, integration, management. and cloud-hosting services for the open source LMS Moodle in the Higher Education, K-12 and corporate sectors. For more information, visit



eThink provides learning analytics through one of our partners who offers a real-time analytics and reporting dashboard to receive and organize data collected from a Moodle site.


eThink provides consulting on Moodle as well as strategic e-learning initiatives. We encourage our clients to come to us with questions regarding application implementations, Moodle best practices, customization requests, and anything in between.


Through one of our many partners, eThink Education provides courseware development, including a courseware authorship tool.


eThink can provide development assistance for custom modules for Moodle. The best part? We install and configure all current modules at no additional cost.


eThink Education provides world-class hosting and support for Moodle. By providing all of our clients with our cloud-hosting architecture, we can guarantee security, uptime, and scalability.


eThink’s Moodle cloud hosting services offers unrivalled performance and exceptional value. We provide installation services that are specialized for each individual sector, such as higher education, K-12, and corporate clients.


One of eThink’s specialties is integrations. eThink provides integrations with many third-party systems that integrate with Moodle to meet a variety of functions, as well as eThink-created plugins designed specifically to meet client needs.


Not only does eThink provide high-quality, real-time Moodle integrations to student information systems, but we also excel in delivering industry-leading, client-customized service and technical assistance. Now in our 9th year of business, we have maintained a 99% client retention rate and over the past 2 years they experienced rapid growth in the K-12 sector.


eThink provides in-house theme development as well as customized theme development through one of their partners.


With over 10 years of expertise, eThink’s experienced team will work with your organization to provide personal and specialized training. We offer flexible training from remote and virtual learning sessions to on-site faculty and administrator training.

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