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iLite provides comprehensive e-Learning solutions using Moodle and enables our clients to customize their online platform to meet their unique learning requirements.



iLite’s Moodle consultants have extensive experience working with and advising on the best use of Moodle to create learning platforms that deliver on the client’s goals and requirements. Our consultants will use best practices and deliver a solution that is robust and meets the client’s requirements.


iLite has developed a very effective process for creating and delivering interactive content to our clients. Our development process consists of four simple steps that allow us to create, test and deploy your content. We make sure that the content we develop works optimally on your Moodle site.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we decide on the best authoring tool to use. For interactive content, the tool of choice is Articulate Storyline. For video-based content, the tool of choice is Camtasia. We also like to use a blend of tools such as Articulate Storyline for interactive content, and Moodle activities and resources for additional content, links and embedded videos.


iLite’s core focus is Moodle. This enables us to create customized reporting, custom plug-ins, integration between your other systems and Moodle and the creation of custom themes.


iLite offers many hosting solutions, that can be tailored to meet our client’s individual needs. We have the latest server technology that includes a huge range of features. When you host your Moodle site with iLite, your Moodle site will be located on rock-solid redundant hardware with up-time of 99%. As an added feature for hosting with us, you will get the support of our highly capable support team to ensure that your site remains up and running.

* The uptime of our servers is based on the guarantees that we receive from our hosting provider.


iLite installs the latest stable version of Moodle onto a server of your choice. A basic course will be included in the Moodle installation and set up on the server. We will populate the course with test users. This is done to test the functionality of the site.


iLite has integrated Sage, SAP and a Student Management Information System into Moodle.


iLite has several maintenance and support plans available. Clients can purchase user support or development support hours from us, or even a combination of developer and user support. We can tailor our support plans to meet our client’s unique requirements.

Our user support includes creating, updating and managing users, creating, updating and managing courses in Moodle, adding all necessary plug-ins and configuring the plug-ins on the Moodle site, configuring resources in a course, adding users to a course, setting up user permissions on the Moodle site and in the courses, running reports, testing all content and liaising with content vendors if iLite has not built the content.


iLite specializes in custom theme development. Our approach is to evaluate the client’s requirements and put together design mock-ups. iLite offers a Basic Theme option where we skin the Boost theme or any other theme chosen by the client, using CSS and HTML to match the corporate identity of the client. Our aim with the Basic Theme option is to deliver a cost-effective theme that looks great and functions effectively giving a great user experience.

iLite also offers Fully Custom Theme development, where we build an entirely new theme based on the Boost theme from mock-ups designed with our clients. Our themes don’t just look good, our goal is to combine great aesthetics and functionality and ensure that users can navigate around the Moodle site quickly and effectively.


iLite offers training on our iLite Moodle site where you can experience simulation training that shows you how to perform various tasks in Moodle.

iLite can also arrange a face-to-face training session where we will run through the various activities that you will need to know to get up and running in Moodle.

These face-to-face training sessions can either be individual training sessions or a group training session. Once we are done with the face-to-face training session, we leave the link to our Moodle site where our simulation training and links to resources are located.

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