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Titus Learning is a certified Moodle Partner providing smartly tailored e-learning services for schools and colleges around the world.

To see how we measure up, contact us at hello@tituslearning.com or on +44 (0) 1133 200 346



We provide training to each of our clients to ensure they’re comfortable using the suite of reporting tools available through Moodle.

For more advanced analysis, we’ll help you set up bespoke reports within Moodle or work with you to integrate more sophisticated reporting and analytics tools to ensure you can keep track of how your Moodle is used on a micro or macro level.


There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Moodle. Our consultants work with you to identify your unique needs and work out how best Moodle can meet them.

Whether you’re looking for theme design, custom development, training or support, we’ll pull together all the threads to create the perfect platform for you.


One of the main strengths of Moodle is the extent to which courses, activities and assessments can be customised to their intended audience. Our bespoke courseware varies in size or complexity according to your needs, but each project comprises similar elements.

We weave together custom artwork, professional voice overs, video animation, interactive game-based assessments and written content, all of which is tailored to fit your brand and Moodle theme.


We’re always seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Moodle and stay abreast of the latest e-learning trends. With the Moodle core as a base, our development team create innovative solutions to extend the functionality of the platform further.
Each new project is a blank canvas, but to give an idea of the breadth of our work, past Moodle development projects have included:

  • A custom shopfront and integrated payment system
  • A bespoke customer relationship management system
  • A standards based assessment tool
  • An augmented media gallery plugin
  • An online event management tool
  • A custom visual dashboard
  • A content tagging and streaming interface
  • A media driven social sharing environment

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with Moodle, we’ve got the knowhow to take your idea from the drawing board to reality.


Whether you’re hosting your Moodle on-site, or looking for a cloud based solution, we’ll ensure the infrastructure is a perfect fit for your needs.

Our clients range from single schools to corporate multinationals with tens of thousands of users, so wherever you find yourself on the scale, our team can provide a package to suit you.

Our cloud hosting is built on Amazon Web Services, allowing us to offer elastic, scalable hosting, so you’re not paying for unused capacity when you don’t need it.


We’ve managed custom Moodle installations for a range of clients, from small state schools and colleges, to international school groups supporting 40,000+ users, and plenty in between.

Our team will ensure that each aspect of the installation is a perfect fit, from choosing the best hosting infrastructure and configuring plugins and systems integrations, to customising themes, courseware and training programmes.


Our tailored Moodle platforms feature tight-knit integration with vital systems including student information systems such as SIMS and Powerschool, office software such as G Suite for Education and Office 365, front-end CMS packages including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, and a whole suite of others.

Where an existing solution is not available, we can develop bespoke integration between Moodle and a range of third-party and proprietary software packages.


We’re truly proud of the team we have at Titus Learning. On average, each team member has been using Moodle for more than ten years, across a range of organisations, regions, and skillsets.

Whilst this expertise is important, it’s our absolute energy, commitment and attention to detail that makes us a cut above the rest when it comes to supporting our clients across the globe.

We don’t wait around for you to pick up the phone. Your nominated support technician will proactively review your Moodle installation to ensure it’s meeting your needs, and will stay in regular contact with teachers and administrators to suggest alterations, improvements or adjustments on an ongoing basis.


Matched to your organisation’s branding, our bespoke themes work seamlessly on any device and can be accompanied by your own personalised mobile app. However, it’s not just about looking good. Our themes combine great aesthetics with well thought out functionality, to ensure your users can navigate the Moodle quickly and efficiently.

Designed to fit the end user perfectly, our themes improve on the default in several areas: saving time by streamlining common tasks such as adding content, a “my apps” menu to give quick access to commonly used features, and a personal dashboard showing vital user info.

Ultimately though, each theme we create varies with the requirements and aims of the client which commissioned it – nothing is “off-the-peg”.


Educators are busy people and we feel it is our responsibility to save them time wherever possible. We do this by creating intuitive interfaces that make day-to-day use of Moodle a straightforward process.

To make sure all your users are comfortable with Moodle, our made-to-measure training programmes ensure you receive precisely the guidance you need without any unnecessary spend.

We’ll weave together face-to-face training, online sessions, and webinars supported by outstanding content. And of course, the training is delivered through Moodle – so you’re getting to grips with the platform from day one.

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