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Since 2008 KeyToSchool is providing solutions around eLearning and have delivered Moodle based solutions in all sectors, all over world. You may visit us at our website KeyToSchool.

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We work closely with you to understand your needs, research, document your requirements and then propose various solutions and systems with their individual strengths and weakness. We help you take right decisions, our consulting typically involves deployment, systems planning, instructional process, process flows and design advisory.


Our courseware clients typically hire members of our team full time for few months. This gives them lot of flexibility & control on their project and our team members can concentrate on one goal and working style.

You will find people having expertise in Graphics, Web, Instructional Design, UI, UX, Process Flows and also versed with all relevant technologies and softwares such as rich media authoring, SCORM, Tin Can, Articulate, iSpring, MS tools, HTML5/javascript & MP4.


We offer a wide range of Moodle Development & customisation services. Some of our clients allow us to release our work openly which you can find in our github repositories or on Moodle plugin database. We follow strict Moodle standards and thus are able to do long term development contracts where required to keep our customisations uptodate with latest version of Moodle.


We offer different solutions based on requirements such as Moodle SaaS, Cloud and on premise hosting. Our managed hosting services includes technical support, migration services, remote backups, monitoring, plugin & themes installation etc. You have flexibility to be billed by number of active users or a fixed fee based on configured system. We accept monthly or annual payments and also offer 30 days trial. Make sure to visit us at


We can plan your complete installation be it a new installation, migration or an upgrade. We can work on your servers either remotely or one of our certified engineer can go to your premise. We will take care of planning architecture, installation and configuring operating system and all required softwares, backup server and backup policy, monitoring system and failovers (if required).


We can Integrate Moodle with almost any software, we have been working extensively on integrating Moodle with WordPress, Drupal, Mahara, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, LDAP/Active Directory systems, Oracle based systems like Peoplesoft & Document Management System like Alfresco.


With our experience of supporting thousands of Moodle sites and having a dedicated support team has made us flexible & efficient. With us, you don’t need to lock yourself with annual contracts, we can work with simple monthly fee and also offer single case support.

If you are already our hosting customer, you are automatically entitled for technical support.


We offer wide ranges of themes personally designed & developed by our designers. You can buy a pre-made theme from us or buy our services package where we make a custom theme for you.


Train your team on Moodle administration or training for Teachers. We provide comprehensive Moodle training both on-site and at our premises.

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Vidya Mantra Corporation

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