Q: What is a Premium Integrator?

A: A Moodle Premium Integrator provides a platform or application that fits alongside the Moodle platform within the learning ecosystem.

Q: How can I access the tools or solutions from a Premium Integrator solution for my Moodle site?

A: You can get more information and support about Premium Integrators and the integration options by contacting us at Moodle HQ or our Moodle Partner network.

Q: How much do the tools and solutions provided by Premium Integrator cost?

A: Each solution provided by our Premium Integrators are priced differently, according to chosen plans, site requirements and other criteria. individually priced. Please contact us at Moodle HQ or a get in touch with your local Moodle Partner to find the information you need.

Q: What if I am already using a solution from a Premium Integrator?

A: You may want to stay with your current contract or have a discussion with a local Moodle Partner to review the terms of the available agreement.

Q: What if I want to use another product similar to one of the ones provided by Premium Integrators?

A: The solutions or products provided by our Premium Integrators might not be suitable to everyone’s needs. We understand that and what we want is the best for your Moodle site/s.

The aim of providing certified solutions from our Premium Integrators is to offer a number of systems that we feel fit within the Moodle ecosystem and make the process of setting up and overall functionality as good as it can be.