Certify your skills with the Moodle Educator Certification program

  • Designed for K-12, higher ed faculty, L&D or corporate instructors.
  • Self paced for intermediate to advanced Moodlers.
  • Advance your application of Moodle.

What is the Moodle Educator Certification?

Moodle US is proud to offer the Moodle Educator Certification program (MEC), a certification program for educators, or learning and development professionals, who have experience in teaching or training with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace.

The MEC is not designed to teach you the fundamentals of using Moodle; rather, the MEC program certifies mastery in building effective teaching and learning activities with Moodle. Although it is not a training program, as candidates progress through the certification process they will reflect on their practice and this will strengthen their understanding and confidence when teaching with Moodle.

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Who should complete the MEC Program?

  • Experience (at least 1 year) in developing courses with a recent version of Moodle LMS (3.7 or later) or Moodle Workplace (3.7 or later).
  • Experience (at least 1 year) facilitating courses using Moodle with real learners.
  • Some understanding of educational theory and practice, ideally related to online and blended learning.
  • Competence at adding activities and resources to Moodle courses, delivering grades using the assignment and quiz modules, and communicating with students via forums, messages, and announcements.

If you are not comfortable with these basics, it’s probably best to start with the free Moodle Teaching Basics and the Moodle Teaching Next Level or Moodle US’s own training offerings.

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Structure of the MEC Program

  • The full MEC program consists of 22 competencies, based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu). The 22 competencies are delivered via 6 practical and interactive modules.
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  • Through each module, you will actively learn through a series of tutorials and examples guided by a certified Moodle US Facilitator. Obtain feedback from your facilitator to assist you in completing your learning activities including a lesson, quiz and written assignment to reflect on your understanding.
  • Earn a badge each time you complete a module. Final certification will be awarded once all 6 modules have been completed. You will be awarded a certificate from Moodle upon successful completion of the program.

Why earn the MEC?

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Improve the quality of your courses, enhance learner engagement and improve learner outcomes.

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Enhance your reputation and develop your online pedagogy skills.

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Gather examples and experience from other advanced Moodlers.

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Contribute to the effectiveness of your institution or organization’s education programs.

Are you ready for the MEC?

If you feel you meet the requirements for the MEC, take this short quiz. Still not sure? Contact a Facilitator for guidance to determine if the MEC is the appropriate “next step” for you.

Purchase the full MEC program for $695

Once your payment has been fully received, an MEC Facilitator will reach out to you within 1-2 business days with additional information about your enrollment.

Please ensure that you enter a valid email during signup. Note that the purchase is non-refundable.

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