Gain seamless integration and learning experience with Human Logic’s eLearning library Levitate, a Moodle Certified Integration

May 16, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

We are excited to announce that Levitate, Human Logic’s (a Moodle Premium Certified Partner) extensive eLearning library Levitate, is now a Moodle Certified Integration. The online library is integrated with Moodle as a certified plugin and offers access to 450 interactive microlessons spanning diverse knowledge domains such as customer service, sustainability, and leadership skills. 

By making it easier for users to access these resources, Moodle empowers learners to dive deeper into subjects that interest them, engage more actively with their coursework, and gain practical skills directly applicable to their professional lives. This means they can explore a wider range of topics, access materials more efficiently, and ultimately, grow their knowledge and expertise in ways that directly benefit their careers and personal development.

The benefits of Levitate

Levitate provides various benefits that can assist organizations in their learning journey:

  • Effortless integration and customization: Access an ever-expanding library of pre-bundled courses or curate tailored selections to seamlessly integrate into your digital learning strategy, ensuring alignment with your organization’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Improved engagement and accessibility: Engage employees with interactive eLearning modules in multiple languages, fostering inclusivity and accessibility while promoting enjoyable learning experiences that drive knowledge retention and skill development.
  • Streamlined management and insightful analytics: Simplify the learning management process with the Levitate plugin and SCORM compatibility, enabling easy deployment and tracking of courses across platforms. Gain valuable data-driven insights to optimize learning initiatives and drive informed decision-making for organizational growth.

Levitate comes with user-friendly management tools and progress-tracking features, facilitating seamless oversight and administration to keep organizations in control of their training and learning initiatives.

As Somaroy Gabbita, General Manager at Human Logic Software LLC, said, “Human Logic, a long-standing Moodle Premium Certified Partner, is proud to launch the Moodle Certified Integration plugin for Levitate Courseware Library. Our partnership with Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace enables the efficient deployment of more than 450 available courses. It reflects our goal of promoting sustainable growth for a future-ready workforce, which is critical for sustainable development in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.”

Levitate joining Moodle as a Moodle Certified Integration marks a significant milestone for Human Logic and the wider eLearning community. This collaboration enriches the Moodle ecosystem with an expansive and diverse library of microlessons and simplifies the integration process, making quality education more accessible and engaging for learners around the globe. Levitate helps organizations to keep up with digital demands by cultivating a culture of continual growth and learning. 

About Levitate

As a centralized platform, Levitate offers a comprehensive suite of eLearning programs to equip teams with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate today’s rapidly evolving landscape effectively. Organizations can keep up-to-date with industry advancements by accessing their extensive library of over 450 courses, covering a wide range of knowledge domains. Leveraging Levitate’s diverse offerings, organizations can empower their workforce to continually adapt and thrive in the face of ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

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