How can I, as a teacher, learn more about Moodle?

As a teacher, you can learn more about Moodle through these available resources:

  • site: this is where our Moodle community of users share information and also support other users.  Here you can get involved in the online forums, find documentation on Moodle functionality and get insight and feedback on Moodle activities for learner development.
  • Learn Moodle MOOC: These are free online courses focussed on learning Moodle Basics. Our MOOCs are run throughout the year and delivered by our community educators.  
  • This site is a shared content area where Moodle users can share and reuse Moodle courses and activities. Try a course or two or more that uses Moodle to get an idea on how it works.
  • Moodle Partners: Our Moodle Partner network provide professional support services for Moodle, including training and providing user guide support.  There are over 85 Partners in our network across 40 countries so you can find one closest to your region.
  • MoodleCloud: If you are not sure what Moodle is, how it works or if it’s right for you, get started with a free MoodleCloud trial, where you can experience creating courses, activities and using the learning tools available in Moodle.