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About MoodleCloud

What is MoodleCloud?

Cloud-Based Software
Low Cost
Low Maintenance

MoodleCloud is our off-the-shelf LMS solution that’s ready to go with Moodle’s most popular features built in.

Learn what you can do with Moodle with our 45-day free trial, and then grow with us on one of our self-service paid plans.

Need support to create your learning solution? Our cloud-hosted Certified Service Provider solutions can cater for millions of users and provide a wide range of customisation and integration options.

Key features

The best of Moodle LMS, ready to go

Fast and easy to get started

Hassle free Image

Hassle free

We’ll make sure your MoodleCloud site has the latest major version of Moodle, so you’ll get fast access to new Moodle features and be assured your site is always up to date.

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We offer a range of hosted solutions to suit educational institutions and organisations of all sizes. From starter plans of 50 users to complete hosted packages for millions of users, Moodle can help you scale your site as you grow.

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Cost effective

Plans start from $120 USD per year with unlimited courses and activities, updates, and maintenance included. We’ll never charge you any hidden fees or additional costs.

Powerful educational tools

Create a great learning experience Image

Create a great learning experience

Choose from our catalogue of resources, activities, and collaborative tools to create engaging courses. Add assessments and custom certificates to verify your learners’ progress.

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Mobile ready

Give your learners the flexibility to learn from their mobile devices when and where they need it. In addition to your MoodleCloud site, you’ll get the Moodle App with a no-expiry Premium plan at no extra cost.

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Integrated Video Conferencing

All MoodleCloud sites include access to BigBlueButton web conferencing. With video, audio, whiteboards, desktop sharing, and session recording, this is the perfect tool to interact with your learners online.

Configurable and trackable

Make it your own Image

Make it your own

Personalise and configure your learning environment with your school or organisation’s name, logo, and colours.

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Learn in your language

Moodle is available in over 100 languages, and your MoodleCloud site can be configured to allow users to view course content and learn in their own language. You can even set it up for multilingual users and organisations.

Monitor your site Image

Monitor your site

Track your MoodleCloud site usage and monitor growth with statistics on students, courses, and uploads in the MoodleCloud site.


Choose your plan

All plans are billed annually in Australian Dollars (AUD). Country-specific taxes may also apply and are shown before purchase.

Select one of our standard plans

Select one of our standard plans
$160 AUDAnnual$110 USDAnnualVaries with exchange rate€110 EuroAnnualVaries with exchange rate£90 GBPAnnualVaries with exchange rate$150 CADAnnualVaries with exchange rate50 users250 MB storage
$290 AUDAnnual$200 USDAnnualVaries with exchange rate€190 EuroAnnualVaries with exchange rate£170 GBPAnnualVaries with exchange rate$270 CADAnnualVaries with exchange rate100 users500 MB storage
$530 AUDAnnual$360 USDAnnualVaries with exchange rate€350 EuroAnnualVaries with exchange rate£300 GBPAnnualVaries with exchange rate$490 CADAnnualVaries with exchange rate200 users1 GB storage
$1,250 AUDAnnual$850 USDAnnualVaries with exchange rate€820 EuroAnnualVaries with exchange rate£710 GBPAnnualVaries with exchange rate$1,140 CADAnnualVaries with exchange rate500 users2.5 GB storage
$2,400 AUDAnnual$1,630 USDAnnualVaries with exchange rate€1,570 EuroAnnualVaries with exchange rate£1,360 GBPAnnualVaries with exchange rate$2,190 CADAnnualVaries with exchange rate1,000 users5 GB storage

Grow with MoodleCloud from 50 to 1000 users without changing your site

  • Create your own personalised site name
  • Set up unlimited courses and activities
  • Create your own custom certificates
  • Access web conferencing and session recordings with up to 100 concurrent users

Get in touch for an enterprise solution

Get in touch for an enterprise solution

Get a fully customised online learning platform by partnering with one of our Certified Service Providers

  • Scale up to millions of users
  • Get customised domains and themes
  • Create courses and activities to meet your needs
  • Access thousands of plugins from the Moodle community
  • Integrate with a wide range of other software solutions
  • SaaS, hybrid, and self-hosted options
  • Best in class support and additional services

Start with a trial

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Moodle FAQs

Frequently asked questions

How do I add more users to my MoodleCloud site?

To add more users, you can upgrade your plan in your MoodleCloud Portal or talk to a Moodle Certified Service Provider about hosting your own installation.

Can I install my own plugins?

To keep MoodleCloud simple and stable for all users, we do not allow you to install your own plugins. If you require additional plugins and customisability, you may want to consider a customer hosting package with a Moodle Certified Service Provider.

How do I get support from the MoodleCloud team?

If you’d like more details about MoodleCloud and our range of plans, please contact us. For existing customers, login to your MoodleCloud portal to explore our knowledge base or raise a support ticket.

Need advice?

Not sure which Moodle setup is right for you? Answer a few quick questions to find out which method is best suited to your needs.