Deliver eLearning and compliance training at scale

Whether your staff numbers are in the hundreds or thousands, it’s easy to lose track of the details or security. Getting all your existing HR tools and systems to talk to each other is important to ensure training efficiency.

With Moodle Workplace, you can streamline employee training, onboarding, and compliance with a suite of automation, reporting, and virtual learning tools that can be easily adapted to your organisation.

Save time and improve training outcomes
Why Moodle Workplace?

Save time and improve training outcomes

Whether you need a smarter way to manage employee compliance or boost engagement with your programs, Moodle Workplace is a secure and scalable platform that saves you time with custom automations and flexible features that cater to learner needs.

Integrate your systems & tools Image

Integrate your systems & tools

Connect securely with third-party platforms and services like video conferencing, HR platforms, content repositories and more.

Measure & manage progress Image

Measure & manage progress

Generate custom reports that show learner progress, achievements and engagement with your training programs.

Seamless data migration Image

Seamless data migration

Easily export any data from your Moodle Workplace site and import it into the same or different sites and systems.

Get more out of your LMS with advanced features

Create personalised learning and development programs with Moodle Workplace’s advanced features and capabilities. Training and engaging your workforce is now easier than ever.


Deliver different learning experiences to various groups with unique training needs all within one LMS.

Branding and theme customisations

Personalise the look and feel of your LMS for brand consistency, and customise your domain.

Community plugins Image

Community plugins

Extend functionality with more than 2,000 plugins.

Unlimited courses and activities

Get extra storage for your learning content.

Learning certificates

Easily track learning program progress and completion with certificates.

Software integrations (including SIS/HRIS)

Connect your most critical applications to your LMS.

Support portal

When you need more than a knowledge base, our Certified Partners and Service Providers are here to help.

Scalable hosting

Choose from a range of scalable, reliable, and robust hosting solutions, and only pay for what you use.


What our customers say

Jon Angelskår Image

Jon Angelskår

Digital Coordinator

“The system has greatly reduced our technical burden. A key advantage is our ability to deliver integrations to other systems, alongside the flexibility of the platform and ease of user administration.”

Sinead Woods Image

Sinead Woods

Head of learning platforms

“Before Moodle Workplace, trying to find who had or hadn’t done training was a paper-based exercise and extremely time consuming. Now, a few clicks and the reports are there!”

Jacob Svenningsen Image

Jacob Svenningsen

Communications Manager

“Moodle has cemented the confidence of funding bodies in us and positioned us strongly for new opportunities – particularly with the capacity to deliver eLearning, a key requirement in many public sector contracts.”

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS for workplace learning?

Moodle is the world’s most customisable and trusted eLearning solution for enterprise learning management. Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of organisations around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.

Moodle Workplace extends Moodle LMS to meet the demands of enterprise-level training and performance management, providing streamlined and automated workflows for onboarding, compliance, talent development, and more.

Moodle Workplace can only be implemented by a Moodle Certified Partner or Service Provider.

Value-driven workplace learning solutions Image

Value-driven workplace learning solutions

As an open source platform, Moodle shines in its scalability and flexibility, complemented by a rich ecosystem of plugins and integrations. Unlike ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, Moodle Workplace is highly customisable and won’t lock you into a single vendor’s ecosystem.

Engage teams and foster learning outcomes Image

Engage teams and foster learning outcomes

Tailored specifically for enterprise learning environments, Moodle Workplace presents advanced features and activities designed to engage teams and foster learning outcomes.

Tailor it to your organisation Image

Tailor it to your organisation

Customise, integrate and scale Moodle to have its own distinctive look and feel. Supporting over 20 languages, Moodle Workplace enables you to create your own personalised and accessible learning platform.

Ready to transform your organisation’s online learning?

Partner with a Moodle Certified Partner or Service Provider who can transform Moodle into an LMS that meets your unique needs.

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