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Here are some stories about how our Moodle helps education worldwide.

A spotlight on Open Education: A nation-wide school without walls

At Moodle, we believe education should be recognised as a fundamental human right and everyone deserves to have easy access to comprehensive, quality education. Our mission is to bring quality education everywhere; to innovate within the Edtech space with our technology and collaborate with our global partner network. We’ve partnered with Tamarind Tree, a school based in India for the local indigenous children, covering kindergarten all the way up to Grade 10, that has been operating on open hardware, open software, and open content largely driven by Moodle LMS. The advantage of using Moodle Tamarind Tree Founder Michelle Chawla, believes that a large part of the reason why their organisation was attracted to Moodle was due to its open source nature. When it comes to tools such as Moodle, Big Blue Button, and H5P, the knowledge and the codes are free. This means educators can reuse, remix, and adapt these tools as they see fit for their curriculum. The fluid nature of open source technology is especially crucial as Tamarind Tree runs a completely open education model encompassing around 125 learners. Courses are customised for its learners, teachers are trained to build their own content, and then these are released...

Somali refugee pursues ME degree from 12,000km away in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp

Abdikadir Abikar is a Somali refugee pursuing his Master of Education (MEd) from York University in Toronto, Canada, more than 12,000km away from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya where Abdikadir studies along with 6 other refugees.  Every day, Abdikadir walks for almost two hours to the computer lab in Dadaab, where he connects to online learning platforms like Moodle and Coursera that allow him to study and also to speak to his classmates and professors and feel part of the campus life. “Education changes a person. It has transformed me” Besides studying for his ME, Abdikadir is a teaching assistant for the new cohort of students at the camp and wants to use his education to make a difference in communities with difficult access to education. “One day, I will be a changemaker and go back to my homeland, Somalia. I want to apply new ideas and help bring education to communities outside cities” he explains. Abdikadir and many other refugee students are pursuing their higher education through a program for distance learning by the Consortium for Connected Learning, promoted by the UN Refugee Agency. In this Consortium, higher education institutions worldwide collaborate to deliver technology-supported connected learning in…

Nepal Open University uses Moodle as their official learning management system to run all their academic programs

The Nepal Open University (NOU) is a public University funded by the Government of Nepal with the goal of making higher education accessible to all people, including those who live in distant areas and cannot attend university regularly Using the Moodle LMS, NOU have created a virtual environment that includes the possibility to attend live lectures, to submit assignments and take assessments, offering quality education to both in-class and remote learners. Through this learning environment, NOU delivers around 40 on-line classes daily, which represents more than 80% of all teaching in the University. They offer over 200 blended undergraduate and graduate courses and enable over 1,600 students to continue their Higher Education path, no matter where in the country they are based. Do you want to know more? Click here to download the full case study.